Spring Forward Columbus 2013

by Maureen McCabe on March 9, 2013

Clock on High Street Columbus, Ohio


It is time to spring forward Columbus!

Sunday March 10, 2012 is the beginning of ‘Daylight Saving Time.’  Clocks get to jump forward an hour at 2:00 A.M.  Could anyone ever forget to set their clocks ahead?   We did in 2008. There was a big snow storm that year.  Columbus got lots of snow the day before Daylight Saving Time began.   I think I posted a “Spring Forward” message here and then missed setting my clock.

On Facebook this week in a technology group for  real estate agents there was  grousing about the agents who still send out an email reminder to clients, past clients and anyone who could be a future client to “Spring Forward” this weekend.

I have not sent out the “realtory*” Spring Forward email reminders via email for years.  Well except for those who receive ColumbusBestBlog.com via email by subscription. I believe there is a “Spring Forward” post in March and a “Fall Back” post every October since this site started.

Also this week I received a note from management (HER Realtors) reminding me to send out “Spring Forward” email reminders  to clients, past clients and anyone who could be a future client.

On Facebook, I’ve seen a local toy store, a Columbus weatherman and others remind people of to “Spring Forward” this weekend.  No harm in a reminder…

The photo is High Street in Columbus a few years ago.  A change from usual March posts where the image in the post is  a Real Living ecard.  An old Real Living ecard for the past couple of years.

Springtime in Columbus 2013

Extra light in the evening!  The long dark winter is over.  Or the winter is  mostly over.  Despite a prediction of an early Spring this year we had a snow storm this past week.  At least the snow in central Ohio melted fast.   Spring begins March 20, 2013.

*The  real estate website formerly known as Realtor.com now has a logo that spells it realtor.com …  real estate agents who are member of the national trade group (and state and local) are required  to spell it all in capital letter and preferably use the mark showing the word is a registered trademark.




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