Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit – October 2009

by Maureen McCabe on October 1, 2009

There is a tradition or superstition of saying “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit”  first thing each month… for good luck and so I try to via ColumbusBestBlog.com.   It’s easier in the spring to come up with things that tie in with rabbit’s March Hare, the Easter Bunny… but it get’s tougher later in the year.

rabbit-rabbit-rabbit-cropped-octThis photo is a tad fuzzy because it was just the camera on my phone. It does not do well with movement. Mr. Rabbit was moving… to get a drink. I love when rabbits stand up on their hind legs. It reminds me of the White Rabbit illustration in ‘Alice in Wonderland.” 
September 2009   In August I saw lots of rabbits, thanks to Connector Radio and the Ohio State Fair. I won tickets listening to Connector Radio the evening the Ohio State Fair was on.

I shared the first of those photos September 1, 2009.

August 2009 Little did I know in July that I would see so many bunnies in so little time. In August I was haunted by an itty bitty bunny I took to a wildlife rescue in July 2009.

July 2009 - There was not much more to say than “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit”

June 2009 – “I don’t have a darn thing to say about the “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit” this blog is in a habit of saying first thing each month. “

May 2009 - Ohio Rabbit Breeders Show

April 2009 - Ballantrae’s Dancing Hares

March 2009 – Capitol Area Humane Society Rescue Rabbits

February 2009 – oops I forgot until later in the day

January 2009 – Happy New Year

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