Happy Columbus Day

by Maureen McCabe on October 8, 2007

Happy Columbus Day from the biggest and best Columbus in the US.  I believe that’s what Wikipedia said about Columbus Ohio a few years ago when I checked for other cities named Columbus when I wrote an entry on the original Columbus Best Blog (now known as Discover Columbus)  which is at least temporarily shut down.  I mean it is not being added to temporarily.  The comments are shut down and hidden because of spam last week.

Found it.  2006 on the original blog with this name…    Happy Columbus Day  Wikipedia says it is the best “known” Columbus in the US.

Some of the biggest and “best known” city named for Cristobal Colon (?)  is shut down for Columbus Day and some is open.

No garbage pick up, no mail delivery,  most government offices are closed, most businesses are open.  I think Columbus State is closed but OSU is open…

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