Happy Cinco De Mayo

by Maureen McCabe on May 5, 2008

beer with limeHappy Cinco de Mayo.

ON Google for a Columbus Mexican restaurant… “actually mexican, not chain feed? – A TripAdvisor Member? – Feb 24, 2008I had been looking for an actual mexican place where you can NOT find “burritos as big as your head,” or some chain with the word “grill” in the title. I found it in Cananas”

Not anymore Cananas is no more.

We went out for Mexican food on Saturday night.. Not because it was almost Cinco de Mayo (it was Tres de Mayo) but because in the Dining Club booklet had a Mexican restaurant that said it was in Worthington, Cananas. I said “call and make sure they are still open.” It was not late… and I wasn’t concerned with their hours. I meant are they still in business and where the heck are they? With a 5225 address on High Street, I knew they were not in Worthington. I could not place a Mexican Restaurant on High St. south of Worthington but not as far south as Clintonville… so he called… they were “open until 11:00″ and “we’re near Morse Rd.” Again what time they were open until was NOT the point.

We found Cananas after driving up and down High Street… they were having a grand opening under their new name (the point of the phone call was … was the offer we were looking at still valid!) 5225 N. High St. Columbus Ohio

We had dinner at Mariachi on Maple Canyon instead. They were in the Dining Club booklet. We used to eat there when that restaurant was called Cancun and we thought we’d had a similar experience there, showing up to Cancun and it was now under a new name and management. That is unless of course we were mixing Cancun up with Puerta Valarta off Schrock (Flags Center.) We definitely went to eat at Puerta Valarta once and it was not Puerta Valarta anymore and it was not another Mexican restaurant either

Mariachi. OK. We had the chile relleno and tamal combination. It was not as good a chile relleno as back when they were Cancun. Or was that Puerta Valarta?





Happy Cinco de Mayo… what’s your favorite Central Ohio Mexican restaurant?

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