Happy Chanukah 5773 Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on December 9, 2012

HER Holiday Cookbook

Happy Chanukah 5773 Columbus.  I say “Chanukah” rather than “Hanukkah” because I am partial to c’s.

It must be 5773 in the Hebrew calendar.   Mitchell Hall a friend wrote “Happy Hanukkah 5773 (2012)”  on Facebook or I would not know.

The HER Holiday Cookbook pictured  here was published in the early 1990s… I think.  1990?  1991?  1992? The cookbook does not have any edition number or date on it.  I could be wrong though.  Perhaps the cookbook compiled and prepared by HER Realtors  is older. Perhaps I have a food spattered well used HER Holiday Cookbook that someone shared with me years after it was published.    One of my reasons for not liking HER Realtors when I moved to Columbus in 1990 was I did not like the 1950 or 1960 looking advertising…   Or maybe because I was with Coldwell Banker, another real estate brokerage in central Ohio.   I did not join HER Realtors until 1995.

The HER Holiday Cookbook cover wishes:


  • Feliz Navidad
  • Joyeux Noel
  • Happy Chanukah
  • Merry Christmas
  • Glaedelig Jul
  • Juz Idzie

Spell check is OK with Chanukah  and Hanukkah.  My spell check is not happy with any of the other holiday greetings from the HER Holiday Cookbook.

I do NOT have HER Cookbooks to give away…

Let’s get this out-of-the-way.  I do NOT have HER Cookbooks to give away… this food spattered and well-worn issue is not something I have any copies of.  This is it.

… or maybe looking at them they are  “HER HOLIDAY COOKBOOK’s” and not HER Holiday Cookbooks. I dragged this food spattered HER HOLIDAY COOKBOOK out yesterday looking for a Christmas cookie recipe for a Worthington woman.   The recipe she was looking for is NOT in this edition.  There is a recipe for “Kourabidiedes (Greek Butter Cookies)” and a recipe for “Lace Cookies” from Iceland according to the HER Holiday Cookbook.  I do not see any Chanukah recipes in the book.  There are little bits of information sprinkled throughout the book which is really just a pamphlet about “Chanukah” or other holidays.

I have a couple of issues of the 50th anniversary HER Real Living cookbook that I am hoarding.  The central Ohio real estate brokerage celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary in 2006 and issued the 18th edition cookbook that year.  The 2006 cookbook is different in a few ways from the HER HOLIDAY COOKBOOK.

  • The central Ohio real estate companies’ name was HER Real Living.
  • There is a photo of Harley E. Rouda Sr. the founder of the company on the cover of the cookbook.
  • Harley E. Rouda Sr. is holding a copy of the first edition of the “HER COOKBOOK” on the cover
  • There is a display of Harley E. Rouda Sr.’s jelly in front of him on the cookbook cover.

Harley E. Rouda Sr. passed away last summer.   Real Living HER became HER Realtors again, real recently.  Or was always HER Realtors….

In this day of recipes online and Pinterest I doubt that HER Realtors would ever do an HER COOKBOOK again so hang onto them if you have them.  I was hoping to find a Chanukah recipe to share here from an HER Cookbook but no such luck!

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