Best Wishes on Halloween – Carve Your Own Jack O' Lantern

by Maureen McCabe on October 30, 2005

An Irish Blessing for Halloween!

Is it any wonder with a name like Jack O’ Lantern that it is the Irish who gave us the carved pumpkin?  O’Brien, O’Shaunessy, O’Doyle, O’Lantern…. O’ means “of”  as in son of.  “Mc” also means of as in “son of.”  Son of Cabe?   Caba is hood, cape  or cloak?  I believe they were soldiers, mercenaries.

I have read in Ireland they carved gourds, squashes and turnips for Halloween.

Click on the Jack O’ Lantern and use your mouse to carve a face.  Then click on Done!

Visit my website for Central Ohio Celtic links.

Shamrock Club of Columbus

Daughters of Erin

Columbus Feis

Dublin Irish Festival

Gealic League of Central Ohio

This was published first on the orginal Columbus Best Blog.  Lots of the klinks are old and broken.

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