Best Friends Forever

by Maureen McCabe on April 10, 2012


Best Friends Forever… a reference to a new TV show ?  I saw the première Wednesday night.  I was vegging.  I was not fit company for anyone, although I think I did OK in an all day class earlier in the day. I don’t think I cried or even got teary eyed once all day, but I was exhausted.  I had not planned to take part in an event on the Wednesday evening of Holy Week because I was in class all day.  I needed to be home Wednesday evening with my sweet, fourteen year old dog.  I needed to be there  on Wednesday evening to let him in and out and help him if he fell. He fell frequently.  He was a mutt so built kind of funny.  Long. Long legs.

I watched three new TV shows Wednesday evening.  Or new to me anyway.  The Betty White show (is that the shows name? Kind of a candid camera type show with old people pulling pranks on young people) then Best Friends Forever…  I did not have to let Buddy in or out though since I had to put Buddy “to sleep” on Tuesday.  Thanks to  VCA Sawmill Animal Hospital  for getting us in so quick. It’s not like I did not know it was going to happen but I had not prepared.  I did not want to think of  life  without Buddy.  Suddenly on  Tuesday Buddy’s back legs  really, really did not work anymore. Buddy had to be carried into the vet.  He had good days and bad days but he still ate.  He still loved getting treats each evening at 9:00.  Buddy still weighed close to 50 pounds I believe.

We sat in the grass for a bit before going in to the vet.

I got Buddy at Capital Area  Humane Society  in 1998.  He was about 8 months old at the time CAHS estimated.  His name was Buddy.  I am not one for changing a dog’s name no matter how unimaginative.  We did call my beagle mix adoptee Budger a lot though.  Hard G.  Like the name Edgar but Bud instead of Ed.

Thanks to Capital Area Humane Society for letting me adopt my best friend.

Rest in Peace Buddy,  I am going to miss you.

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