The columbus Daily

by Maureen McCabe on December 18, 2010

The columbus Daily, that’s right it starts a little c.  It is my “columbus” list  on Twitter.   I could change it, make that a capital c if I wanted to.  At first I wanted to but could not figure it out.  Now that I can see how to change it I have grown fond of the little c.  It is certainly NOT the only with tweets from people in  Columbus.  It is an @list.  It could pick up people I follow who are Columbus Ohio tweeters

You join with your Twitter ID.

You choose to start a paper with

…of a Twitter user + those being followed

For example if I wanted to do a of Tina and who she follows, I would use @tinotchka

…of a Twitter #tag

I am not sure I would ever do this…  Has anyone? I could see a #GoBucks during football season

…of a Twitter @list

The “Columbus Daily”  is the one I have done with my “columbus”  list and my “real estate & mortgage” list and my “Real Living” list on my @MoInColumbusOH  ID on Twitter.   The Real Living list is so small I do a “Real Living Weekly”

My ‘The columbus Daily’ is tweets from the 500 people I follow on my Twitter list named “columbus” …

There are just a few things to adjust. The frequency.  When it posts.  Whether it tweets from your account.

I need to move  ‘The columbus Daily’  back and ‘Real Estate & Mortgage Daily’ up (timewise.)   It picks tweets where people on the list have shared a link, a picture or a video.  It is automated.  I do nothing day to day… other than say “You are welcome” the people who say thanks for being included.

The columbus Daily

I have seen people say they don’t like all the “________ Daily’s”  on Twitter.  Mea culpa!  I do.   Perhaps I will tire of them.  Someone said it should be less automated.  More editorial control by the person sending it out.  No thanks, it works for me this way.  It might be fun to read and choose and lay out the paper… nah.

Ad It slaps the ads on.  Perhaps they bother some of the critics.  Sorry.

I am pretty good with not seeing what I don’t want to see on Twitter and seeing what I do want to see.  I read more links this way of the people on my lists.

There is something you can do with Facebook too.  That is new. says:

“Create a paper based on a search of all public posts on facebook”

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1 Tina K December 19, 2010 at 02:48 pm

Thanks for the explanation, Maureen!


2 Maureen McCabe December 19, 2010 at 07:45 pm

You are welcome. It is so great to see a real comment here among all the spam, thanks!

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