Psst the Parade of Homes is on Pinterest

by Maureen McCabe on June 15, 2012

Landscaping Fischer Homes

Look!  The 2012 BIA Parade of Homes  is on Pinterest.

Seeing Thursday that the BIA Parade of Homes posted a bunch of photos of the 2012 Parade of Homes, surprised me. Interior photos.  You can see what the kitchen in the Silvestri house looks like. You can see the dining room in the Rockford Home.  You can see the backyard at the Truberry Home. You can see the “Silvestri Custom Homes BIA home firepit” and more.  You can see all this before the Parade of Homes opens tomorrow… on Pinterest.  Perhaps on Facebook too.  Or the BIA’s blog…  maybe Instagram?  I know you can see the 2012 BIA Parade of Homes on Pinterest.

Compass Homes - Meadows at Lewis Center
The BIA Parade of Homes on Pinterest has boards for builders…  
  • 3 Pillar Homes
  • Compass Homes
  • Dominion Homes
  • Fischer Homes
  • M/I Homes
  • etc. etc. etc.


There are 12 builders this year and I believe the BIA Parade of Homes has a photo for the twelve builders at the 2012 BIA Parade of Homes which starts today. In alphabetical order… yup all 12 are there… 3 Pillar Homes to Weaver Custom Homes The link at the top takes you to the BIA Parade of Homes on Pinterest.  You can see the BIA Parade of Homes Pinterest “boards.”

The BIA Parade of Homes also has a  Food Truck Festival board and at least one other. 

I have posted photos of the Meadows at Lewis Center since the location was announced last year.  Actually one before the Meadows at Lewis Center  was officially announced… just a photo of a meadow with a sign… it’s on one of my real estate sites.  It’s the same photo I used here when the BIA announced  Meadows at Lewis Center as the site of the 2012 BIA Parade of Homes.  

July 1, 2011 - The Meadows at Lewis Center

Later I had a photo of the bulldozers moving the earth.  Then photos of homes being constructed.  I did not post  a lot of photos.  I’d stop by once every few weeks… then more often as the neighborhood got more interesting.  Usually I would swing by the Meadows of Lewis Center later in the day on a Saturday or Sunday.  It is sometimes hard to take photos on a gray central Ohio day.  Or as the sun was setting on a sunny day.   Sometimes I would stop by the Meadows of Lewis Center during the day on Thursday or Friday.  For me the trucks and activity on was more distracting.  People and trucks made it more difficult to take photos. 

Meadows at Lewis Center: Parade of Homes, the Miller – Troyer House under construction.

I am on Pinterest too… The photos here are mine.  Visit the BIA Parade of Homes on Pinterest to see their image.
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