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by Maureen McCabe on August 13, 2012

Getting a post on about an event, a campaign, a charity or some businesses is as easy as posting it on Facebook.*

365 Things to Doo Dah in Columbus Ohio


1.  If it is local (central Ohio… Columbus and it’s suburbs)

2.  If it is a thing to do.

Just add it to ’365 Things to do in Columbus, Ohio’ a Facebook page.

Others – You can post on ’365 Things to do in Columbus, Ohio’   on Facebook

Most of the posts by Others are me as me…

365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio posts by others

Usually if you post something I will share it as ’365 Things to do in Columbus, Ohio.’  Sometimes events are added to late to allow me to post them here. I owe….  Ray George  a post for an upcoming event…

Saturday, September 1 at 7:00am at King Lincoln Theatre
Post a photo if you can

Did you know if you share a photo of the “Thing to do….” and a description (event, business, place)  it usually receives a lot more views on Facebook, than a lot of words with no image?  Annual event?  Share a photo from last year.  Or a photo of a banner about the event… or use a graphic you are using online (not as good.)  Or post a “Thing to do in Columbus, Ohio’ on your page or profile and then share it to ’365 Things to do in Columbus, Ohio’ on Facebook.

I just checked yes I set up  the ’365 Things to do in Columbus, Ohio’ page for you to add a photo:

“Everyone can add photos and videos to 365 Things To Do In Columbus Ohio’s timeline”

Gee I need a new cover photo for ’365 Things to do in Columbus, Ohio’  Doo Dah is so over until next July…. if you have a great photo you want to be used as the cover on this page, that is for your  “Thing to do in Columbus, Ohio” subject to Facebook guidelines let me know.

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