Gahanna Schools a Teaching Moment

by Maureen McCabe on September 10, 2012


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Anonymous: Your Safe

in the comments on the second video on YouTube  from AnonymousManColumbus  unctommy pointed out the grammar error.

“The kid show know better than to post a video like the first one, but the real story here is that the English Department at GLHS sucks! Someone teach this kid some grammar (title of video)!!”

A common grammar error.   The title of the video was “Your Safe.”

Interesting…. what started one Friday night at Gahanna – Jefferson Schools, on Twitter. The Friday night of Labor Day Weekend 2012, anonymous, inappropriate tweets to students at the high school were the beginning.  I heard about it on the TV news, read about it in the Columbus Dispatch.  I heard about it long after they knew which student at Gahanna- Lincoln High School had posted the tweets and videos.  The YouTube videos were still up on YouTube a day or so later.

They swept for bombs Tuesday morning before school started…

More than 200 parents called the police.  I did not see the first video until after hearing about the police having their man in custody, Monday night.      The title of the second video published on September  2, 2012 by AnonymousManColumbus provides a teachable moment for students in Gahanna, the greater Columbus area and beyond.   The difference between your and you’re is not limited to Gahanna Schools but the comment on YouTube made me laugh.

I have no idea if the videos are still up.  Seeing the videos were still on YouTube surprised me.


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