Dear daily deal… (a brand x of daily deals in Columbus)

by Maureen McCabe on July 26, 2011

Dear daily deal (not Groupon, not Living Social, not Faveroo which was Fudha) this daily deal is brand X.  I do not follow them on Twitter.  I better never see another email from them in any of my mailboxes ever.

Dear daily deal,

Fire your Columbus City Manager today.

1. She is a spammer.
2. She can not read (refer to my very unfriendly contact form on my blog)

Sara _____   s ______@_____  via ________- to me
show details 11:24 AM (7 minutes ago)
Message body:
Hi Maureen,

I know this is a somewhat long message, but it is in regards to “Things to Do in Columbus,” so I think you should keep reading!

My name is Sara and I’m the City Manager for ____________ We offer daily deals called “_____ ” for 50-90% at local businesses in Columbus – from different restaurants, salons, and cafes to family activities, fitness centers, and more.  You can check out today’s deals  at _____________.columbus.

We have a sandwich promotion running tomorrow on________, and if you’d be interested in running a giveaway, I think this one would be great! Below is the info:

Hoagie, grinder, sub, hero…no matter where you live, one thing’s for sure – everyone loves sandwiches.  _______   is hosting a _______ on Friday, July 22, featuring deals with the best ________ in our local markets across the country!  We’d like to offer you a giveaway as part of this promotion.

•       One lucky reader can win $5 in _____ (site credits) plus one of our _______________ in Columbus (The ____ will be for the _________________)
•       We would send you $10 in ________ as a thank you for hosting the giveaway
•       We would send optional Facebook and Twitter posts to promote the giveaway
•       Your readers could tweet a message from _______ to receive bonus entries: ex.  “I want to win a  ______  from @_________ and @ MoInColumbusOH!”)

If you’d like to host the giveaway, simply email me by the end of the day today and I’ll send you additional information in time for you to post on the 22nd. I’ve included an image link that you could use in a post, if you’d like:_________________


No thanks.  No,  Sara’s employer I am not interested. I don’t appreciate the spam email.  I don’t appreciate Twitter being used to spam me either. If Sara is a legitimate person in Ohio and has something to share… a thing to do in Columbus, Ohio she can add it on the ’365 Things to do in Columbus, Ohio’  Facebook page.   I think even if Sara is really just someone in Hoboken NJ (location pulled out of thin air) trying to make it look local, she can do that on Facebook, not on my contact form.  Or someone excited about your “daily deal” can do it for you…

Daily deals are a dime a dozen these days….

P.S.  I don’t like sandwiches.    Sandwiches make me grumpy.

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