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by Maureen McCabe on September 20, 2013

Something fishy on Pinterest…

Pinterest This link looks fishy

Columbus real estate site looks fishy

I first noticed on a site of mine other than a blocked image…. The image is not blocked.  The link to the original is what is blocked. Pinterest still lets you see the image.  Pinterest uses the image as content on their site but  Pinterest suggested the Columbus real estate site ( was fishy or “spammy”…  or “unseemly.” Pinterest blocked the image but  would allow me to click through to the site.  The link went to the domain NOT to the post where the image was. Broken link?  Is breaking links what Pinterest does?  Is breaking the link to the image on the site somehow going to cure fishyness?

The image was a photo of an office / barn with a Christmas wish…  I need to find the post to see what Pinterest saw in the message to block the site.

New Homes office

Pinterest says of the link to an image on the Columbus real estate site “This link looks fishy!”

Pinterest says:

“We’re not sure, but it could take you to a spammy or unseemly website. Learn more.”*

As the owner of the site I have to tell you seeing Pinterest refer to your website as spammy or unseemly is distressing.  Whatever unseemly means…

The first two or three I looked at on the Columbus real estate site  I was willing to give Pinterest the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps because is part of the ActiveRain real estate network that creates some uncertainty in the link.  My content is my content though.  The DiscoverColumbusOH link is supposed to take precedence over the same content on the link or that was the story back in 200? when ActiveRain introduced their Outside Blogs.  Of course ownership has changed a time or two since those promises were made by and my feelings about ActiveRain changed a number of months back.

Then I found a link blocked on my Delaware County, Ohio Homes site blocked too.   Pinterest said  “This link looks fishy!”

Pinterest said:

“We’re not sure, but it could take you to a spammy or unseemly website. Learn more.”*

Now that site is a site like so there goes the theory that it is the real estate network links (ActiveRain ) that cause the link to look “fishy.” looking fishy

Many images seemed to all be linked to the domain rather than the image  url.  Why?  Why would the links to the content on the original site be broken?  Changes I’ve made on   A Plugin problem?  I was afraid to look at the links on the 365 Things to Do in Columbus Ohio page on Pinterest.  That is the Pinterest board I link to most often recently from

Pinterest Fail says Fishy Spammy Unseemly

The image above is someone who shared the image /link on, her repin the link is:

  • blocked
  • fishy
  • spammy
  • unseemly

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit not Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

I have a board on Pinterest called Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit.   The Pinterest board  has rabbit photos mine and others.  At least two of the images links seemed “fishy” to Pinterest “This link looks fishy!”



Three Hares sculpture, Dublin Ohio

Yes the  photo of the Three Hares sculpture in Dublin got the fishy treatment from Pinterest.   The link from my photo on Pinterest to was blocked by Pinterest.

“We’re not sure, but it could take you to a spammy or unseemly website. Learn more.”*

This little fella looked fishy to Pinterest too.

rabbit at Ohio State FairPinterest  blocked the image and said of the link “This link looks fishy!”

“We’re not sure, but it could take you to a spammy or unseemly website. Learn more.”*

#PinterestFAIL is others content too

This failure on Pinterest’s part is not just on my content. It is on other content.

It’s not just my content.  I have a link to a wallpaper my “my inner Druid” board on Pinterest  that is blocked by Pinterest.

This link looks fishy!

“We’re not sure, but it could take you to a spammy or unseemly website. Learn more.”*

The image is a link to the  that gets the same treatment.

“Woods” wallpaper priced at $198.00… they (  are selling the wallpaper on their site.  They have a Pinterest button… or maybe I repinned the image  from someone else…. that’s what repinning is about.

  • Fishy?
  • Spammy?
  • Unseemly?
  • How?

Unseemly central Ohio site

Do you know what “unseemly means?  Google tells me synonyms include:

   improper, unbecoming, unfitting, unbefitting, unworthy, undignified, indiscreet, indelicate, indecorous, ungentlemanly, unladylike

The use of the word “unseemly” peaked around 1850 to 1900.  Unseemly rabbit photos.  Unseemly information about things to do in Columbus, Ohio.  Unseemly wallpaper huh?

This link looks fishy #PinterestFAIL  fish fries

A February 2013 post about a Columbus website called ‘The Lutheran’s Guide to Catholic Fish Fries in Columbus’  was blocked by Pinterest.  The post on the ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio Board on Pinterest is one that Pinterest blocked.

Yep this one is Fishy

Pinterest said  “This link looks fishy!”

Pinterest said:

“We’re not sure, but it could take you to a spammy or unseemly website. Learn more.”*

The link

Nothing fishy there in the link I see…  do you see anything fishy?

The post: Friday Fish Fry in Columbus a Pescatarian Poll

Photos on the post include a photo of St. Michael’s in Worthington and a screen shot of  “The Lutheran’s Guide to Catholic Fish Fries in Columbus.’  Was I wrong to grab a snippet of the perfectly pictureless pescatarian site?  Is that the unseemlyness?  Mea Culpa.

* Links to Pinterest’s “Learn more.” is broken.  I used it to tell them about the #PinterestFAIL  It will be easiest to just delete all the content from fishy and otherwise on Pinterest.

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