Columbus Life Colorful

by Maureen McCabe on April 30, 2012

Columbus Life a Posterous blog

Columbus Life is more colorful in 2012

Columbus Life on Posterous is a group of pictures I have taken mostly from my cell phones…cell phones is plural because I had one phone when I started playing with Posterous in  2009.  Then I got a new smart phone in 2010.  Well and then that phone died and I got a replacement, same phone, better camera. Pages last fall were orange and brown… winter there was not a lot of white in Columbus this year… but March and April were very green.  We’ve had some pretty blue skies too this year.

Columbus Life on Posterous

Columbus Life without the photos from the beginning

Columbus Life is gray in the beginning

Columbus Life was gray in the beginning.  No. There were photos there.  They went away.  With my phone in  2008, 2009 and into 2010, the photos disappeared.  I went back in and reposted a number of the photos beginning in 2010, because there was a series.   The photos or their descriptions above look as though they are November  and December 2009.  I joined Posterous in August 2009 and started using it in November 2009.  Until I started trying to take a weekly photo of the progress on St. Paul the Apostle Church in Westerville to document it’s progress I never remembered it.  I was not in the habit.  Like now with Instagram. I forget as an Android user I now have Instagram.

I used to post the photos here to at the same time I was posting them to Posterous.  I got out of the habit because they were so huge they messed up the site until I could get to a computer to edit.  Maybe there is a way I can adjust the size on my phone?  In the email?  Using Instagram?  I probably have to read some directions, somewhere.

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