columbus Daily? little c?

by Maureen McCabe on September 27, 2010

The columbus Daily… I may need to edit my group to a capital C or is that capitol?  Extra, Extra read all about columbus from people in Columbus… my 412 people from Columbus or Central Ohio who I packaged neatly as “Columbus.”  I have not updated the group in a long time.  I am sure in the 2400 people I follow on Twitter there are more who should be in my columbus group.

The Columbus Daily Columbus Daily (My Columbus group on Twitter)

I am @MoInColumbusOH on Twitter.  If I am following you and you are one of the 412 Columbus tweeters I have in my Columbus columbus  group.  Being my follower gets you NOTHING… on my little bit O’Daily columbus on  Actually perhaps a small c is OK.

I have to follow you back.

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