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by Maureen McCabe on April 24, 2012

Are you on Twitter?  I am @MoInColumbusOH on Twitter.  I loved Twitter. Or I love Twitter now.  I did not love Twitter at first.  At first (2007?) Twitter made me paranoid. And using the @ totally escaped me.  At some point my friend Teri Lussier in Dayton said to me “use @” and my life on Twitter changed dramatically.

Not that you always have to say “@” because how do you really know who has the reply you are looking for?

Last week I asked on Twitter what the tilde symbol on the keyboard was. Except I did not remember the word “tilde.”  I wanted to use the ~ here on in a post title.   The post is still in drafts with a tilde in the title. Sadly I don’t think the tilde works.  I really wanted to use the tilde in the title.  I tried Googling for what the ~ symbol on my keyboard meant but really it is not that easy if you do not know the name of the symbol.  So I tweeted.   I tweeted using the ~  and @BeTimeless  a Columbus Business on Twitter answered.

~ <—– What is that symbol? When do you use that? ~ @MoInColumbusOH

It’s a tilde. Yep. We use it for quotation attribution ~ @BeTimeless

@Timeless on Twitter

@BeTimeless Timeless skin a Dublin business on Twitter

Ah yes, the symbol is a tilde.  ~Moi… no the real me, behind the keyboard, Maureen McCabe this was for real, not on Twitter.

Then I could Google “tilde. ” It’s easier to find info with the word.

@BeTimeless tweets for Timeless Skin Solutions, a Dublin, Ohio business…  a physician focused on skincare, a Columbus Ohio Dermatologist.  The office is Dr. Carol Clinton’s dermatologist office in historic Dublin.  @BeTimeless is more than just a pretty face, whomever is behind the keyboard at @BeTimeless  knows their  keyboard.

Thanks @BeTimeless!

Are you on Twitter?  I am @MoInColumbusOH on Twitter.  I am also @DiscoColumbus and @WorthingtonNews on Twitter but those are more real estate.  @DiscoColumbus and @WorthingtonNews mirror the Columbus Ohio real estate and Worthington real estate links you see on the right side of they are on auto pilot most of the time. They have been quiet lately.  They are all business… well except when @DiscoColumbus wants to boogie.

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