365 Things To Do In Columbus Ohio – Original recipe

by Maureen McCabe on April 23, 2010

In March I started a ’365 Things To Do In Columbus Ohio’  Facebook page…  the Original recipe

I just found out that although this is the original ‘ 365 Things To Do’ page about about Columbus Ohio’  it is NOT the only page with the “365 Things To Do ” page about capital city of Ohio.  Nor is it the  “official”  ’365 Things To Do In Columbus’  page.

It is the ORIGINAL ’365 Things To Do’  Page about Columbus Ohio.  The first post here was dated April 10, 2010 but I started the page on Facebook Page back on March 10.

The “official” page had their first post on April 12, 2010.

While I am thrilled with my 215 …. “likees”  (it used to be a fan page but that changed the other day, Facebook changed.)  The official page has over 5000 in just 12 days.    Extra Crispy seems more popular than Original recipe.

That is part of a company publishing pages for a number of cities.  They have a  Typepad blog for the business.. which has pages for other cities.

It’s not like I had a patent on it… or even a franchise on the meme.

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