Getting around Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on June 19, 2008

Getting around Columbus and Central Ohio.

I can’t embed this video for some reason, but here’s a link to a video on YouTube about Driving Directions… using Google’s Street View on their mapping.

Google Street View Driving Directions

Yeah I can kind of see some of the uses. Going to downtown Columbus and worried about where to park? I can see it.

Using Google Maps to find potholes seems kinda silly to me… aren’t potholes (in theory anyway) filled up relatively quickly? With what frequency will Google be updating the photos? Maybe in some parts of the world using Google Street View to look for  potholes  makes sense…warmer?? where they don’t have a seasonal freeze, thaw, freeze cycle that makes sense…  I guess I don’t really think I would alter my route based on potholes either… just try not to drive into them.  If I am driving from the Polaris area to the Easton area, I certainly am not going to route my travels scanning the streets between the two areas for potholes.  I thought it was odd.

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