Columbus' "evil biased media" is blogging

by Maureen McCabe on June 6, 2008

and tweeting (writing on Twitter) … I believe I saw something about channel 4 Twittering and that’s why am following @NBCSquire and others at channel 4 … on Twitter.

On his blog ‘Building a Better Newsroom’ Ryan Squire says:

“we are the evil biased media, or something”

in a post entitled “Why I can’t sell a TV news story on Twitter” on his blog. Why channel 4 has not done a story on Twitter.

I saw or heard about channel 4 being on Twitter on TV… early one Sunday morning…

I was kind of surprised to see individuals at channel 4 tweeting (posting 140 character microblogs… if that’s what you believe Twitter is… and I do… believe Twitter is microblogging or can be… )  I thought channel 4 on Twitter would just be an impersonal news feed…

it is people, tweeting.


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1 tired of corruption June 11, 2008 at 03:33 pm

One way the media shows bias is ignoring candidates for political office that are not R or D. Sometimes there are good people who don’t run under either major party label – either as independents or minor parties like Libertarians or Greens.
The media is relied on as an impartial SOURCE of news. Often it functions as a mouthpiece for those already in power.
The national media obviously is more entrenched and biased as they dole out favors to sources and the connected. I think at the local level, it is just inexperience or being out of touch as much as anything.

2 Maureen McCabe June 12, 2008 at 07:12 am

Thanks for sharing your point of view.

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