Columbus RANKS for rich, single men

by Maureen McCabe on July 19, 2009

In where to find a rich single man on the blog Amy Bohutinsky, Zillow VP of Communications wrote about Marie Claire’s ranking of cities with rich single men… The Zillow folks don’t even claim to have applied science but they came up with different rankings for many cities than the ladies mag. It’s just a rank of the Zillow Home Value Index?

Columbus ranked #18 out of 20 cities no matter which way you look at it…

“Given that it’s a summer Friday afternoon, and we’re all feeling very non-scientific about now, we decided to take this study a bit further, and re-rank Marie Claire’s top 20 cities by highest Zillow Home Value Index, which will effectively (and non-scientifically) help us pinpoint the best cities to find a RICH single man.”

Does the Zillow ranking have anything to do with marital status? It doesn’t does it?

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