Will your home inspector get “Up on the house top”?

by Maureen McCabe on December 6, 2011

Will your home inspector get on the roof? Or is it a ” House Top”

There is a historical home in Westerville, Ohio, Hanby House  linked to the Christmas song “Up On The House Top” by Benjamin Hanby.

Ho, Ho, Ho! Who wouldn’t go?

Up on the housetop, click, click, click,

Down through the chimney with good Saint Nick”

Up On The House Top - Westerville Ohio

Hanby House Westerville Ohio

How do you choose a home inspector?

In a recent discussion about who we recommend to do home inspections in Columbus we got to talking about which home inspectors go up on the roof and which do not.  A home inspector who is no longer alive was mentioned as “does not go up on roofs.” I knew he had passed away so mentioned that.   He’s not going to do any more inspections for any of us, may he rest in peace.

I know during a winter inspection the home inspector did, he came back to inspect the roof for the buyer.  Did he go  “Up On The House Top” for the buyers to check the roof?  Perhaps he used another method to check the roof but he could NOT see the roof the morning of the inspection.  The night before the home inspection it had snowed. 

Will your home inspector get on the roof?

I wondered whether it was the home inspector’s companies’ policy to go up on roofs during a home inspection at one time?  That policy changed? Or did he make decisions to go “Up On The House Top” based on the pitch of the roof?  Based on the height of the house?  Based on whether he could view the roof from a ladder at the edge of the roof or with binoculars from the ground?  Or whether a decision to go up on the house top would be based on weather?

Up On The House Top - Westerville Ohio

Westerville Ohio - Hanby House

I know home inspector’s who do not go Up On The House Top” in Central Ohio. They use binoculars from the ground?

Will your home inspector get on the house top?

As a buyer employing a home inspector, you may want to ask whether the inspector goes “Up On The House Top” or ask how they will inspect that roof for you.

In an old, old post on my Columbus Ohio real estate blog, Discover Columbus OH titled “I like home inspectors with small shoulders” I wrote:

“There’s lots of criteria for picking home inspectors.  Real Living has advice for picking home inspectors, including use someone who is a member of ASHI.  On my MaureenMcCabe.com* website I have some Columbus home inspection companies featured  and Real Living’s home inspection advice on how to choose a home inspector. I also have ASHI and NAHI (professional inspection organizations) links on my website.

There’s nothing on my website about size of body parts. There is no mention of shoulders large or small, six pack abs….

I like my buyers to choose a home inspector based on who will do the best job for them and the house they are buying.  I may suggest a particular company and even a particular inspector because of past experiences. “

Sadly with changes Real Living HER made that information (mine and Real Livings home inspection information) is gone! I was told recently by another real estate agent that the home inspector with small shoulders does not go  “Up On The House Top ”

I see evidence to the contrary…  It’s clearly on the home inspectors website.  It’s there for buyers, real estate agents!

If it is not there ASK.  Ask how if the roof is snow covered….how will the home inspector check the roof.  Ask if it is, raining or  drizzling what the home inspector will do.

Now let’s all sing along…

‘Up On The Housetop’

“Up on the housetop, reindeer pause
Out jumps good ol’ Santa Claus
Down through the chimney with lots of toys
All for the little ones, Christmas joys
Ho, Ho, Ho! Who wouldn’t go?
Ho, Ho, Ho! Who wouldn’t go?
Up on the housetop, click, click, click
Down through the chimney with good Saint Nick

Lyrics from the Ohio Historical Society.  No home inspectors do NOT go down the chimney!   Saint Nick does.

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1 Rich Cederberg December 28, 2011 at 10:13 pm

I find the best inspectors by asking other agents who they’ve had success with. Sad that I don’t feel I can trust the word of the company themselves. Word-of-mouth wins every time.

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