Columbus real estate rebound in 2012?

by Maureen McCabe on March 8, 2012

Columbus Board of REALTORS - Ready for a rebound

Ready for a rebound!

Will the Columbus Real Estate market rebound in 2012?  “Real Estate Agents Call the Bottom in 2012!”  Or did we call the bottom in 2011 and are we now saying our market is rebounding in 2012?

The podium at the Columbus Board of REALTORS promises a rebound in 2012.  Columbus Life  – Ready for the Rebound in 2012  Excuse the out of focus photo!!!

The screen savers at the Columbus Board of REALTORS promise recovery in 2012: January 2012 home sales reported by the Columbus Board of REALTORS (photo of the screen saver in the post.)

Columbus did not make this infographic prepared by the largest real estate network in the US (and Canada.)  Why not?  Click on the infographic to see it better.

Data provided by Join 215,590 Real Estate Agents on the world’s largest Real Estate Social Network.

The Real Estate Recovery or NOT  infographic promises recovery for the country in 2012.   Well the ActiveRain infographic promises real estate recovery for some parts of the country…  The good news is Columbus is not on bottom 10 real estate markets.  The bad news is Columbus is not on the top 10 real estate markets.  Or maybe it is…

Why isn’t Columbus on the infographic?

No one from Columbus participated?  Or not enough people from Columbus participated in the survey sent out by and their parent company Market Leader.

The data for the US is only 1500?  1800?  1900  members reporting? It says on the graphic how many members participated.  Even in a larger version I have a hard time with the print.  Less than 2000 members participated in the survey.    I started to do the survey sent out by ActiveRain. I decided while doing the survey to  NOT take part.  If Columbus was there it would have been MY take on the market… Not that I am the only real estate agent who participates locally on ActiveRain. There are a few others (I kind of think in a couple of cases, it’s the agent’ s assistants are participating as the member and that’s another story.) Or maybe Columbus would not have made the graphic even if we all participated.

Even the cool kids** who participated on ActiveRain back in 2006 and 2007 were eligible to take part in the survey, I believe.  Or perhaps not.  Perhaps the survey was not sent to members who do not participate on a regular basis anymore.   ActiveRain has  215,290 members.  Actively participating members is much lower, but I am guessing the cool kids were eligible to take part. Or maybe not.

I think the ActiveRain infographic is gorgeous.

I think the ActiveRain infographic is flawed.

Maybe I should not say this since I did not participate.  Maybe I should not say the ten best cities is flawed because I really, really do not know the markets around the country… I’ll buy the green cities in Texas.  Others?  Not so much.

I think I got the survey from ActiveRain before I saw the podium and screen savers at the Columbus Board of REALTORS in January and February…  surely I would have participated if I had seen this visual proof that Columbus real estate will rebound in 2012.  “The best is yet to come.”

* Columbus Life is mine, mine, all mine.  Columbus Life is a photo blog of Columbus and central Ohio… when I remember it’s there.  Excuse the fuzzy photo of the man behind the podium.  I was at the Columbus Board of REALTORS on Wednesday.  I wish I would have taken another photo of the podium.  It say’s “The Best is yet to come.”   Let’s hope so.

** Last summer someone in the local real estate community said he participated in ActiveRain when it was cool.

*** Work in the real estate industry but NOT a member of  ActiveRain?  Join.  While I am not a big fan of ActiveRain’s role as prognosticator, I do see a value in the network. And it’s not just the points.   You can join and in just a couple of short years you can move on and be one of the cool kids.

There may be ActiveRain points involved in this post… even if it is NOT on ActiveRain.

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