Where do Columbus “Real-Estate peeps” learn?

by Maureen McCabe on March 21, 2011

Tyler Durbin on Twitter










Where do Columbus Real-Estate Peeps learn online? Columbusite Tyler Durbin (@TylerDurbin)   asked on Twitter:

“Hey Real-Estate Peeps what  blogs /websites do you follow to stay up on marketing ideas and trends in your field?”

Or I made the assumption that Durbin was talking to people in Columbus.  Maybe he is talking to real estate people in general, nationally or internationally.

Durbin who has a site Generation Y Journey got one reply from a former real estate licensee turned social media guru…  he said “Real Estate Genius.” The former real estate agent’s tweet is in the image above.   I read Real Estate Genius.  Not always.  I like it.  I’ll add it to my list.

Here is a partial list;  in no particular order…. of places I follow… sometimes to keep up on real estate marketing ideas and trends.

  1. My real estate brokerage and brand
  2. Inman Real Estate News
  3. RISmedia Real Estate News
  4. Zillow
  5. Trulia
  6. Agent Genius
  7. Notorious R.O.B.
  8. Stefan Swanepoel’s sites
  9. ActiveRain real estate network
  10. The Phoenix Real Estate Guy

Phoenix Real Estate Guy? Isn’t that just local?  No he entertains the industry on his site too.  Better than most.

I suppose I should have the National Association of REALTORS®  site, Realtor Magazine, the Columbus Board of REALTORS®  site, the OAR site there as well.  All are certainly sources for information on real estate marketing and trends in the field.

A lot of it comes to me via email… with links to their sites or blogs.    Zillow, Trulia, Swanepoel, Inman, RISmedia.  Not all of it is real estate marketing and trends.  Some of it is them peddling what they are selling.  A book.  A report.  A website.  SEO help.  A subscription.

Pre 2006 I used to learn a lot at  RealTalk on Internet Crusade.

C. 2006 and 2007

  • Sellsius Real Estate Blog (Joe died in 2010 and Rudy is busy with Trulia now)
  • The Bloodhound Blog
  • Rain City Guide

Rain City Guide, I miss the days of Dustin Luther,  Dustin set up the site for his wife a Seattle real estate agent.   Dustin went on to work for Move.com for a short time, the company that holds Realtor.com hostage.  Dustin now has a site called 4Realz.net

It is not like there is a lack of places to learn about real estate marketing and trends… Some of the old, tired pre-web places have reinvented themselves as online places for real estate education.   Broker Agent Social, Internet Crusade offerings other than RealTalk, ePROTalk.  Other’s include Lowes…Yep,  really I get an email every day about real estate from Lowes… the retailer due to a real estate partnership they have…

And that’s before you count all the real estate website vendors masquerading as “real estate marketing and trends.” and the groups and pages for real estate marketing and trends on Facebook and LinkedIn.

I love Agent Genius but it’s always seemed to me to be the kind of a place for the cool kids to show off what rock stars they are…. more than a place to  “stay up on marketing ideas and trends” in the real estate field  and there’s a new cool hip place to be for real estate agents that was recently launched.    Hip Roof?  If you are really cool that’s where you oughta go.  That’s what they’re saying anyway.

For me anyway #9 on the list is far and away the best place for me.  If you work in the real estate industry and are not a member of  ActiveRain?   Join

If you are in the real estate field what sites do you read “to stay up on marketing ideas and trends in your field?”


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