What's in a logo?

by Maureen McCabe on January 3, 2007

2007 Logo HER Real Living has a new logo as of 2007.  It is difficult sometimes for some to see the distinctions between the old and the new.  In fact sometimes the distinctions between what is Real Living, what is HER Real Living have been difficult for me to explain to people… and even to see for myself. 

I believe I was at a closing in late 2002 or late 2003 when I understood our company was named HER Real Living now and not HER Realtors, inc.  A title agent brought it up. I hope the puzzlement in my face and a light going off over my head did not freak my buyer out.  We became HER Real  Living in early 2002 I believe.  

I knew the history of Real Living.  I was just in the habit of saying HER Realtors (I did not say the Inc. usually.)

I think she asked me how the name change was going… I thought she was asking me personally… huh?  I don’t know whether my blank look made her clarify… explain she was talking about HER not Maureen McCabe.

I have helped other agents in my office with their websites.  I have run into resistance re: not calling the company HER Realtors so I know I was not the only one stuck in my ways.

Good bye…  old logo pre 2007… HER RL Logo 2002 to 2006

The funny thing is I have a shirt with the 2007 logo… I ordered it wrong …or the vendor made them up wrong… I think a bunch of us have them.  I have one with a pre-2007 logo too.  Time to go change the logos on my blogs and websites…. If you get there before me… cool your jets.



Columbus Best Blog – the original (does that sound dumb?) I hate to perform blogocide but I certainly don’t want to confuse….

Columbus Ohio on Active Rain

Happy 2007 HER Real Living in Columbus Ohio

Real Living Logo Happy 2007 Real Living where ever you are… whatever your company logo. 


   HER was 50 years old in 2006.… HER Real Living that is.  HER Real Living has been a leader in the Central Ohio market for decades.  I wish I had some of the old HER Logos to share… basically they were like the HER writing in the logos…. they had a very retro look to me.  I did not appreciate the old HER Realtors logos in the 80′s and well into the 90′s… they looked dowdy to me. 

Now if I could just figure out how to get any logo into the side of my new blog here….

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