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by Maureen McCabe on February 10, 2008

new logo bottom.jpgOut of the blue this week I had a question in my mailbox from an out of town real estate trainer / guru… about the branding of the brokerage I am affiliated with Real Living HER.

“What does the”HER” personify in the Real Living Brand?”

Personify from Merriam-Webster.com

” personify

Main Entry:



transitive verb

Inflected Form(s):

per·son·i·fied; per·son·i·fy·ing


circa 1741

1 : to conceive of or represent as a person or as having human qualities or powers

2 : to be the embodiment or personification of : incarnate <a teacher who personified patience> .”

Real estate is local….. Real Living HER is Real Living in Central Ohio.

HER is a person.  HER is a man, Harley E. Rouda Sr.  HER Realtors was the number one real estate company in Central Ohio for decades before Harley E. Rouda Jr and the Aveni family of Cleveland’s Realty One formed Real Living in 2002.  Real Living HER is the number one real estate brokerage in Central Ohio now. 

The history of Real Living HER says of the 1950′s:

“In central Ohio, an important event was under way, too. A visionary, Harley E. Rouda Sr., who embodied true American entrepreneurial spirit, ventured out into the burgeoning business scene to establish his own real estate company in 1956.

Rouda started HER Realtors in the basement of his home after working three years in the residential real estate industry. With a build-a-better-mousetrap drive and determination, he created a tried-and-true real estate model that has withstood the test of time.”

HER is pronounced H. E. R. not Her.

Local Real Estate brands…

King Thompson was a person…

The two biggest Century 21 offices in town bear the founders names…

Other Real Living brands franchise and company owned  across the US include:

Cleveland is Real Living Realty One

Some of the Dayton offices are known as Real Living Realty Services, others have

Colorado is Real Living Mountain Realty

Real Living NOW is in Connecticut

Real Living Premier is in Marion Ohio

Orlando Florida is Real Estate Solutions

Real Living Helios Realty is in Chicago Illinois

Real Living Southern Homes is in Tampa Florida

The Real Living logos have the Real Living name in a big circle and the local name in a small circle.  Real Living is based in Columbus (The Real Living logo does not have a local name… one big circle that says Real Living…. all of the brands above and more are Real Living.)

HER represents Harley E. Rouda Sr.  HER represents  his family, including his son Harley Rouda Jr. I am sure to people who have worked with agents from HER Realtors or Real Living HER the past 52 years HER personifies real estate in Central Ohio.

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1 Chicago Real Estate February 10, 2008 at 01:13 pm

Are all the other Real Living brands across the US affiliated?


2 Maureen McCabe February 10, 2008 at 02:42 pm

Isn’t that the point of franchising?

Are all the Re/Maxes affiliated? All Coldwell Banker offices affiliated (company owned and franchised offices), are all Century 21 offices affiliated? Keller Williams, Exit, ERA, Sotheby.

I would think you would have a hard time calling yourself Real Living and not paying a franchise fee to the company but I am just an agent in Central Ohio. http://franchise.realliving.com/ Real Living was one of the top 50 franchises in the US in 2006 or 2007.

Real Living HER and Cleveland (Real Living Realty One) are not franchises. I really have no idea about whether any of the other offices are company owned or franchises, but I would assume the others are all franchises.

Real Estate is local.

3 MaureenMcCabe February 22, 2011 at 01:02 pm

darn broken links. Old HERRealtor links seem to have a server issue. Sad. In December they were forwarding to the Real Living HER site rather than the agents sites. Now they are forwarding nowhere.

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