Tree Trimming

by Maureen McCabe on October 3, 2007

Men in treeYour tree’s (The tree trunk is on your lot) branches of the tree hang over your neighbor’s lot… what are your responsibilities? 

Can the neighbor trim the tree? 

Are you required to trim the tree for the neighbor?

I had a client write a crazy clause about tree trimming into a purchase contract (and an attorney review clause too, thank goodness.)  The seller did not comply.  We were lucky.  It turned out what the buyer asked for was illegal.  

The “tree trimmer”  cleaned out the dead ”stuff” but did not deface the tree or trespass on the neighbor’s property.  

I can’t provide details of that transaction because of client confidentiality.

California real estate agent Mary Pope-Handy  shared the NOLO (legal website) about tree trimming, maintenance, responsibility, etc.  via a real estate forum.

Need local real estate legal advice?  I can refer you to a good real estate attorney or two since I am just a lowly real estate agent… 

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