The WORD from the Columbus Board of REALTORS: Quickly

by Maureen McCabe on June 22, 2012

The official word from the Columbus Board of REALTORS is “Homes selling quickly in central Ohio.”

That is the headline of the news release sent to members (I am one) and the media.

In June looking at market trends I focused on home prices personally because I have a rhythm going with market reports. What was the word from the Columbus Board of REALTORS about home prices?  In the “May 2012 Housing Statistics” I received Thursday morning the Columbus Board of REALTORS said

“Homes in central Ohio sold for an average of $167,518 last month which is up 6.3 percent from one year ago.”

The post I wrote on June 11 2012 03:47AM (really) said:

“May 2012 single family resale home sale is the Columbus Board of REALTORS mls were up 14.4% from May 2011 and up 11.9% from April 2011.” 

I also wrote: ” Average sold price -  $170,000″

What’s the difference?  The CBR (Columbus Board of REALTORS) is talking residential homes, the official word is home prices are up 6.3%.   I am talking single family resale properties only.
The Official Word on the market from the Columbus Board of REALTORS for May 2012
I am paraphrasing here:

Home sales up.
Home prices up.
Inventory (the number of homes for sale) is down
The homes are selling quickly.

“The Voice for Real Estate in Central Ohio”

Here is advice from the 2012 President of the Columbus Board of REALTORS:

“However, with fewer homes on the market, and those homes selling more quickly, buyers shouldn’t wait too long to make an offer, because they may lose out on getting the house they want.”

The Columbus Board of REALTORS  is “THE VOICE FOR REAL ESTATE IN CENTRAL OHIO”  they say so… the phrase is trademarked.

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