The BEST Columbus mold guy – mold testing

by Maureen McCabe on November 21, 2011

Let me tell you who to me is the BEST Columbus mold guy… you never know when you are going to need one…

Greg Huffer of Huffer Restoration in Westerville.

I talked to Greg once years ago and maybe the best thing he told the buyer was that  they did not need a mold guy.  My buyer thought he ought to have a mold test on the home he was buying but he did not know where to test for mold.  The buyer’s home inspector (an engineer) had not found anything to recommend to the buyers that they have tested.  Talking to family and friends back home a couple of hours away the young buyers decided they needed a mold inspection of the home.  I talked to a number of mold specialists.

Another agent in my office recommended Greg Huffer of Huffer Restoration Inc., Mold Remediation Specialist.

I did an interview with Greg about MOLD after tracking him down a couple of weeks ago.  I will be posting that interview in pieces, here.  Mold is not as simple as it seems at first glance.  To get financing on a property the lender may require you the buyer to pay for a mold inspection.   Looking at short sales,  bank owned, REOs?  Save a couple of hundred dollars to pay for a mold test.   Underwriters three, four states away may need you to test for  toxic black mold…  the worst kind of mold.

Need a good mold guy?  Greg Huffer of Huffer Restoration, 614-761-7876.   Greg Huffer is a Mold Remediation / Testing Specialist, the Best Columbus mold guy IMHO.    Greg is in Westerville.  The day he met me to test for mold… toxic black mold  in a north-east Columbus short sale listing, he came from Dublin and was headed for New Albany.  Greg gets around.


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