Psychology Today offers home pricing strategy…

by Maureen McCabe on March 4, 2010

Freud toys - onefromrome on Flickr  CCl Psychology  Today offers home pricing strategy…

I don’t know that any brokers in our Columbus Board of REALTORS® MLS (multiple listing service) are currently  using the strategy a Psychology  Today blogger recommends for what ails today’s home sellers :

” Psychology is key to selling in today’s real estate market.”

In the past the psychology  of using a price range was used by some brokers in the Columbus Board of REALTORS MLS (multiple listing service.)  hmmm is anyone using it now?

Broker  Bryant Tutas in Poinciana Florida has long recommended   “Range Pricing.”  Range Pricing is sometimes called VRM for Value Range Marketing.  Tutas uses it and has written about it numerous times on ActiveRain a real estate network.

In the Psychology  Today blog called  Priceless I found home pricing advice from a physicist?

I found the Psychology Today blog post  via Google searching for news with the word Zestimates when I wrote  the post “Appraisal Institute says Zestimates suck” Darn!  Steve Shatsky a Dallas Texas short sale specialist   commented my title shoulda been “Zestimates Zuck.”  How depressing a missed opportunity!  But enough  about me…  when I came out of the depression I slipped into over my poor blog title, I went searching for news on Zillow’s Zesitmates, an AVM (Automated Valuation Model) the Appraisal Institute recently said is inaccurate (they would never say it sucked.)     Poundstone seems to believe the Zillow Zestimate on an LA home is inaccurate, but low.

Psychology  Today offers  home pricing strategies…

Who knew Psychology Today had blogs, much less blogs that offer home pricing strategy amid the Therapist Finder and all the anti depressant ads… but there it is:

Home Won’t Sell? Try Two Prices Instead of One the post by William Poundstone a physicist and author says:

“There may be a smart psychological tactic for anxious home sellers: List a house with two prices. In Australia, it’s been the custom for sellers to do that, giving a minimum and a maximum asking price.”

I don’t know if anyone in the  Columbus Board of REALTORS® MLS  does Value Range Marketing now… I think at least one local Prudential franchise did Value Range Marketing in the past.  Long ago.  In the 1990s.   What price goes in?  The low price?    Is the blogger with Psychology Today recommends going with the Zestimate as your high price?   Gee the  Appraisal Institute says “Zestimates Zuck”

Image credit – Freud toys…  from onefromrom ‘s Flickr photostream shared with a Creative Commons License that allows commercial use. / CC BY 2.0

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