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by Maureen McCabe on October 29, 2007

YMMV = Your mileage may vary

YMMV = Your market may vary

Sellsius Real Estate Blog shares a site the National Conferance of State Legislators that gives  the *Transfer Tax for every state! 

Ohio Transfer tax: $0.10 per $100 plus local option $0.30 per $100  0.4% (0.1% plus 0.3% local)  Posted May 2005.

Transfer tax (also known as conveyence fees) vary by county in Ohio.  That may be exactly what it says but it does not say what they are by county, so it really doesn’t say anything.  Delaware County has long been higher than Franklin County.  Until January 2006 the 2005 info.. was correct for Franklin County.  I am used to thinking  of it as dollars per thousand rather than dimes per hundred dollars though.

According to the Franklin County Auditors website*
“Franklin County conveyance fees are $2 (two dollars) for every $1,000 (one-thousand) of the sale price. Effective January 12, 2006, The Franklin County Commissioners have imposed a $1 per thousand permissive conveyance tax in addition to the mandatory $1 per thousand conveyance fee. This action was approved on December 13, 2005 by passage of Resolution number 998-05. “

Delaware County is still $3 per thousand dollars.  I assume the  $.30 per $100 local option is what the extra dollar is in Franklin County and what the $2 difference which is  now only a dollar differnt in Delaware County is… I know in 2005 when the tax doubled in Franklin County I was blogging on the original Columbus Best Blog and wrote about it…

Let’s see if I can find it..  December 13, 2005 (so this could have changed in counties I don’t usually work in…  I’d have to research it… )    I wrote in On, Off, On – Conveyance Fee Doubling*       on the original Columbus Best Blog which is now known as Discover Columbus:

“Delaware County – $3
Licking County – $2
Fairfield County – $4
Fayette County – $3

Three of fastest growing counties in Ohio have higher transfer fees: Delaware County – $3; Warren County – $3; Clermont County – $3″

I use software from Chicago Title that figures a sellers closing costs (transfer tax is a seller’s cost in Central Ohio) by county.

Reissue on title insurance premium… there’s something fun to figure…

Edit 2014

* Sellsius Real Estate Blog no longer exists.  Joe died. Rudy is doing something else.  The link in this 2007 post was going to the site trying to sell the old, “Sellsius”  domain, so I broke the link.  There was an image at the top which is missing.  If other links in this post are broken I will delete them as well.    Please don’t use the contact form to tell me this info or other posts are out of date.  The post was written in 2007.  Things change!

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1 Jean Clark March 9, 2010 at 11:15 am

Is it customary for the seller to pay the transfer stamps in these

2 MaureenMcCabe March 9, 2010 at 04:36 pm

It is in Central Ohio. Not necessarily in other parts of the state.

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