Nationwide Open House Weekend in Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on April 29, 2012

This is the Nationwide Open House Weekend…

NAR Nationwide Open House Weekend

Nationwide Open House Weekend

Q. When you hear Nationwide do you think:

A. Insurance

B. Children’s Hospital

C.  All across the US

D.  Other

An arena in Columbus?  A street in Columbus?  Or a Boulevard!

When ‘Columbus Children’s Hospital’  became ‘Nationwide Children’s Hospital’, I would always think “All Across the US” Children’s Hospital  “Nationwide Children’s Hospital.”

Now when I hear “Nationwide”  I think of the blue squares in the insurance companies logo, the guy with the blue phone and the blue squares with butterflies on the hospital.  I don’t know… the door for the Nationwide Open House looks like butterflies should be flitting around. The National Association of REALTORS ad even makes me think of the guy with the blue phone commercials for Nationwide Insurance.

Yesterday Chris Svec with Nationwide Insurance a company based in Columbus Ohio tweeted:

“Wait till you see what Nationwide Insurance does during the Memorial Tournament to deliver its message via social media. Innovation within…”

Chris  was with HER (Columbus brokerage)  and then later with Real Living (national brand.)

This weekend is an open house weekend across the nation, through  NAR (the National Association of REALTORS.)

Locally looks like there are about 105 open houses according to the mls.  I thought there were more open houses locally last weekend.

There is a link to open houses in the searches in the sidebar, on this site.   You can see the entire Columbus Board of REALTORS mls (multiple listing service ) data about what’s is open.    Or you can narrow  the search down to see only the areas, prices, etc. that interest you.   I’d add the open house link here but I hate keeping track of links that sometimes fail and redirect to either Real Living (brand) or Real Living HER (brokerage.) The link in the right sidebar is to Columbus MLS Open House Search on my Real Living HER search.

Only Real Living HER Open Houses will have registrations for a you to win a 42″ HDTV.  That is a three week promotion, just in Columbus, just for three weekends (last weekend, this weekend and next weekend.)  Complete details available at

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