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by Maureen McCabe on December 4, 2010

Maureen McCabe Real Estate Professional really…  It says so big and bold in the middle of my new company website


Maureen McCabe Real Living HER real estate siteI guess the  “Real Estate Professional”  is not a huge a font as it seems in my mind… It’s just the Maureen McCabe that is huge.

“New site”

” New features”

“More homes for sale”

Open houses are???   Real Living HER has had a page showing a list of  Central Ohio Open Houses every week for years now.    Sure you can look at a house on Trulia, Zillow, and see some little doo hicky that tells you the house is open…  it is not the same as a list of  open houses.

And the Real Living HER Open House List was more than just a list.  There was detailed information about the properties that would be open.

I have a spot for the Real Living HER Open House List…. once I find it…. It may be a matter of making a search for open houses.  The new Real Living HER search is pretty neat.

The new site pictured above replaced the Real Living HER site I’ve been using on the url for a long time… It was just introduced December 1. 2010 and I need to work on making it me. is still my real estate search site… and it is tied into the  new enhanced Real Living HER home search.   I’ve been using the  site since September 2009.  The CbusHomeSearch site has a place for Open Houses. Open House on Real Living HER eLeads website It’s had a place for open houses for the past 15 months but it still says there are no open houses.  It says “View Now” and has a place to click for detailed information on the ” open house listings”

Click that button that says “View Now”   and you get:   No Open Houses but don't believe it.  Real Living HER has lots of open houses

Open Houses

No Open House!


I don’t believe the Real Living HER websites the one with  “Maureen McCabe Real Estate Professional” is a #Fail.  I am excited about it.   It is early in the game.

I’ll find my way around that site somehow.

I will figure out how consumers find their way around the site, I’ll drop some bread crumb.

I will also make that site look different than all the other Real Living HER websites…differentiating it with something more than my name big and bold.

and I’ll find  that Real Living HER Open House List if it is the last thing I do.

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