I am a millionaire….

by Maureen McCabe on April 12, 2011

I am a millionaire.  Not money.  I am a millionaire when it comes to points.  As of yesterday I had a million points on ActiveRain, a real estate network.  I have been a member since July 2006 and have written blog posts there since August 2006 so the million points did not happen over night.  What are the points worth?  Well until last Friday they weren’t worth anything.  Now they are worth something to new members and members who have not been active.

I am “grandfathered.”  I’ve been grandfathered over and over.

I spent 100 points last week on ActiveRain to tag a troll… and I still have enough points to say “I am a millionaire….” … in ActiveRain points.

ActiveRain is the largest real estate network in the world.  I would say in the country or in the US but a lot of ActiveRain members are in Canada.  A few ActiveRain members are sprinkled elsewhere around the globe.

My three hyper local blogs (in the sidebar here)  are written on ActiveRain:

Columbus Ohio real estate Discover Columbus Ohio

Worthington Ohio real estate Worthington Ohio real estate

S. Delaware County real estate S. Delaware County Homes

Do you see those sites in the right side bar?  If you were looking for Central Ohio real estate you may run into those sites in the search engines.  That is #5 in a list of “Five (5) Reasons Why you should join Active Rain Now. If you are a home inspector, a real estate agent, a loan officer, a home builder, an architect, an insurance agent or in any career related to the real estate industry consider this your  invitation to join ActiveRain.   Join by Friday and do a little work and you could win an iPad.  I could too….

Google Search for Delaware County Homes

Google loves ActiveRain blogs

“Five (5)  Reasons WHY you should join ActiveRain NOW… in order of importance

Click to Join ActiveRain Real Estate Network

1. It’s Free (a non RainMaker account is free)

2. Learning this is the one most people say over and over… I’ve learned about Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Picnik, Facebook here.

3. Meet people in the industry across the country

4. Hyper Local Content as a RainMaker (neighborhood, city, county, state)

5. Crazy Google Juice  the hyper local content is better than Pay Per Click IMHO in so many ways

ooops there’s a reason #6 Breaking News on Friday April 8, 2011

6. New ActiveRain RainMaker pricing rewards participation

“New RainMaker Price Break Structure:

Under 100K points $59

100K + points $39

200K + points $29

300K + points $19


400K + points $9

500K + Grandfathered In
**** If your pricing is already lower than this, your pricing will not go up.  This new pricing is only a benefit; it will not hurt you.”

It is free if you do not want RainMaker.  Build your points before you start paying a monthly fee. Learn how to use ActiveRain and social media on the largest real estate network, ActiveRain

Wait there’s more YOU could win an iPad….Here’s the plan… before midnight Friday April 15, 2011.

1.  You Join ActiveRain the largest real estate network NOW post a profile including a photo

2.  You write a post. It can be anything.  “50 words saying Hello.”  It will be Members Only unless you upgrade to a RainMaker so not that many people will read it.  My first ActiveRain post? I said something like  “Duh, It’s blogging!”

3.  You invite 5 people who accept.  RE agents, lenders, home stagers, home inspectors….

4.  You get one of your invitees to write a post.

5. YOU are in the running to win one of the two iPad’s ActiveRain is giving away.

Who can you invite:

You can invite



The Delaware County site?  My ActiveRain blog that is #6 in the Google search above.  I started it in March.  About March 20, 2011 I believe.

Yes,  ActiveRain is work but someone has to do it.  So that’s it.  If you are in the real estate industry and want to learn about using blogging and social media, consider joining ActiveRain real estate network.  If you join ActiveRain (using my invite link above)  and I win an iPad from ActiveRain, you may borrow it….

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1 Rich Cederberg April 28, 2011 at 07:53 pm

Hi Maureen, Congrats on the Million points. You are a leader on the largest real estate network out there. Pretty impressive. You have inspired many with your writing. Like you, I have set up an outside blog for my community. You can find it at http://www.allalbuquerquerealestate.com

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