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by Maureen McCabe on October 3, 2007

old lock boxHome Sellers  has your Central Ohio home has been shown? 

In our market leaving a business card is the way you can tell if a Central Ohio home has been shown by a real estate agent who is a member of the Columbus Board of REALTORS®

Usually a business card is left to show the agent has been there.  Other ways to tell?  Foot prints in the carpet.

More than a business card left?  A football schedule magnet? A bookmark (this was an item sold to real estate agents and the ads did say it was nice to leave on showing.. I thought it sounded sleazy.  Did the agent leave a nice little note about what the showing agent could do to get your house sold that your listing agent is not doing? I’d say talk to your listing agent about anything more than business cards and footprints in the carpet.  The shoing agent may be soliciting your business.   

Feedback…. It is customary in this market for the listing agent to get feedback from the buyer’s agent.  The listing agent emails, faxes or calls the agents who have shown the property for feedback on the showing.

I am uncomfortable when a seller calls me directly for feedback when I have shown a listing. 

The Columbus Board of REALTORS recently had an article in our magazine about feedback.  Especially in this kind of market sellers are anxious for feedback from their agent.  As a seller you are not going to get feedback on 100% of the showings on a property.

The best feedback on a showing is a purchase offer.

Last summer I got a call for feedback from the listing agent (the broker of the company) on a house I had not shown.  I had not scheduled an appointment to show the house but I called the “bonehead” broker who called for feedback. 

I was concerned someone had scheduled an appointment in my name.  I asked the agent if an appointment had been scheduled in my name.


I asked the agent if the electronic lockbox on the property showed me showing the home.  I don’t think he bothered to check that…  but it would not have because although I don’t remember every detail of every day I would remember showing a client a house.  The address would have rang a bell.   The listing office would have had a record of my scheduling an appointment to show… 

I asked him why he was calling me for feedback. He said the seller said I showed it and left marketing material in the house. 


I assured him I had not shown the listing or solicited the seller by leaving marketing material in the house. 

Curious I looked up the listing.  It was a few blocks from one of my listings, same number of bedrooms and baths,  same style, similar price range.  Had a buyer or agent who showed my listing also shown this brokers listing?  Probably.  Had they left a fact sheet on my listing in the sellers home?  That’s  all I could figure out.  Now I am not calling the seller a bonehead, he hired a brokerage who has records of who has scheduled appointments to show the listing.  The seller has hired a member of the Columbus Board of REALTORS® who has outfitted the front door of the house with a system that affords the broker a method of determining who has shown the property (I assume… I never showed the property, maybe the brokerage is one that does not protect it’s seller’s property and family with an electronic lock box…. that’s the last generation of lockbox pictured above.  New lockboxes are blue, sleek, modern…  the agent can read the lockbox and see who has accessed the property.)  

The phone call for feedback was because of a a litter bug?  Someone left something with my name and contact info at the house?

My apologies if a fact sheet for my similar property was left in your property by someone who visited both properties but really if a sloppy buyer left a Baby Ruth wrapper at the house who would your agent be tracking down for feedback?


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1 Joanne Hanson October 7, 2007 at 01:14 am

Maureen, we use the same lockboxes, and anyone who doesn’t use them is missing out on an opportunity to not only protect the home, as you mention, but to know each and every agent who was in the home, whether they called the office to set up a showing or not. In our area, not all lockboxes have codes on them, so it is possible that an agent might show a property without calling first. They are a great tool and no home for sale should be without one.

2 MaureenMcCabe October 7, 2007 at 04:50 am

We have a very high rate of people using the lockboxes in our market, especially on occupied properties. The Columbus Board of Realtors made some excellent decisions when we first switched over to the electronic lockboxes and in our recent exchange for the blue lockboxes. You seldom see combination lockboxes used anymore.

When a property is empty occasionally someone will show without an appointment but for the most part our market is very good about scheduling appointments.

Most agents in our market don’t use the CBS codes on the lockboxes for showings so theoretically someone could show without an appointment. It is great to have the info in the limited cases where a house somehow gets shown without a showing scheduled through the office. Thanks for the comment Joyce!

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