HER Realtors

by Maureen McCabe on March 23, 2009

I believe the Columbus based companies name was HER Realtors on the www.  longer than it was HER Real Living,  it is now Real Living HER.   I looked up our company website on the Wayback Machine and pieced together this slide show.  I don’t remember the 1995 site (peach colored background), basically a business card on the web.   I remember the 1999  version [ HER What Home Means], there would have been a sepia photo on the right showing what home is… a picture of people enjoying a home.   I loved that campaign…

I liked the white background and bright colors c. 2002 too… the Welcome Home.  There is an early 2002 and a late 2002 version there, HER Realtors became part of Real Living and the logo also said “The Real Living Network.”

The 2004 to 2007 lots more on the site… lots of red. The HER Real Living site started looking more like the Real Living site at some point.

This is probably like looking at someone else’s vacation slides.




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