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by Maureen McCabe on February 22, 2011

We used to be HER Realtors…

HER Realtors WorthingtonLet’s get pronunciation out of the way.

HER is pronounced “H. E. R.” HER is not pronounced “her*.”  HER is a man’s initials.  Two men… Harley E. Rouda Sr. and Harley E. Rouda Jr.

HER initially speaking

HER are the initials of at least two men…  If HER are your initials you can claim the best real estate company (I might be biased but a local business magazine says so too) in Central Ohio is named after you.

Henry Elvis Robinson?

Hector Edwin Rodriguez?

I guess whether you are a man or a woman you could make that claim.  Not for real, but kind of for fun, you know…

Heloise Elizabeth Ryan is H.E.R. as is Heather Erin Rolfson, Helen Edna Randall.  I could go on and on and these last five H.E.R. s are just names I made up.

For all I know the company which was known as HER Realtors for decades was known by the founders name and not his initials in the early days…  1956.  Before my time.

AKA… of course stands for “also known as”,  A.K.A.  As a teenager I read a famous crime book and read “AKA” phonetically through the entire book… discussing the book with my sisters I realized my faux pas.

Back to HER Realtors in Central Ohio

I have known  people to  ask if HER is an all woman company…  no it was founded in the 1950s by a man.  Plenty of men.  We don’t think of HER spelling out “her”  or I don’t think we do.  We pronounce it H.E. R. and men work there.

Columbus Ohio real estate 2006

Image above is from 2006, ‘Real Living is Awesome’ on Discover Columbus Ohio a site that is all Columbus real estate, usually in the side bar on ColumbusBestBlog.com.

In 2002 HER Realtors became HER Real Living.  I think.   The Real Living brand was born in 2002.  Kaira Rouda’s ActiveRain (a real estate network) profile says:

“I created the Real Living Real Estate brand in 2001 as the first woman-focused brand in real estate, acknowledging women make or influence 91 percent of all home-buying decisions. It’s great to see that the industry as a whole has come around to that realization.”

Kaira’s link was to Real Living… the big company that Real Living HER in Central Ohio is affiliated with…I disabled it. No big deal.   If you want the link to Real Living  you can get it on Kaira’s profile (link above.)

We used to be HER Realtors then became HER Real Living…Real Living HER logo

And then we became HER Real Living.  Big HER circle, small Real Living Circle. I had that logo here somewhere but for some reason a lot of old images on this site are not showing….  Then we became Real Living HER.  2006?  2007? Big Real Living circle, small HER circle.

In the Columbus Board of REALTORS® MLS we are HER Real Living.  When I call to schedule appointments and say I am “Maureen McCabe with Real Living HER”, I am often corrected by the employees at Centralized Showing Service, that I am with “HER Real Living.” OK. Thanks…. Many home showings in Central Ohio are scheduled using CSS.  I like CSS but I sometimes think there is a bit of attitude about my being dyslexic about the company name.  Or the name as they know it.

Perhaps I will just start saying “HER.” Of course I will say it  “H.E.R.”

This Week News called the company “HER” in a newspaper headline about our office moving to Downtown Worthington.

Real Living Flag

Real Living

Real Living is awesome c. 2006 the Real Living brand in Columbus Ohio.  Her Real Living in Columbus Ohio is the local company.

Real Living HER in Worthington Ohio is at 6902 N. High St. but is moving to downtown Worthington, Old Worthington, this spring.

OK sometimes HER is pronounced “her” Real Living HER is AKA as HER Realtors or formerly known as HER Realtors but it’s got a nice ring to it.  If your name is Henry Elvis Robinson, Hector Edwin Rodriguez, Heloise Elizabeth Ryan, Heather Erin Rolfson, or Helen Edna Randall… all I have to say is Hello

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