Dear Keller Williams Agent;

by Maureen McCabe on August 19, 2013

Dear Keller Williams Agent Comment Spammer;

Your comment stayed up for almost a week.  Your spam comment on,   a comment urging people to contact you to  purchase Columbus real estate, with a link to your site was deleted and spammed (the discussion setting on this site was modified to identify the agents name, the teams name, a link to your website, your IP as a comment spammer.)*

It won’t happen again.

It should NOT happen.  It is bad enough when out of town agents spam one another in comments.   Where did the idea come from that commenting on a site and calling yourself _____  real estate was a good idea.   That a Columbus Board of REALTORS member would comment spam on anyone’s site is awful.  To do that to another member’s site is incredibly dumb.

Cha Cha Changes on

Dear Keller Williams Comment Spammer;

Wednesday, June 12, 2013   I changed the discussion settings on (this site) based on your comment spam left on a February 2013 Columbus real estate post.  I changed the discussion setting from:

“Hold a comment in the queue if it contains or more links. (A common characteristic of comment spam is a large number of hyperlinks.)”


“Hold a comment in the queue if it contains or more links. (A common characteristic of comment spam is a large number of hyperlinks.)”

Yes I will have to watch the comments more carefully.   Comment moderation is relaxed right now to get comments in for a drawing that started on August 18, 2013.

Benefit of doubt…

A Keller Williams real estate agent would NOT comment spam on another local agent’s site would they?  Perhaps this comment was left by someone else to make an agent / team with a central Ohio Keller Williams office look like a comment spammer.  Maybe the Keller Williams agent or team hired someone to help them with search engine optimization?

Darn there was a comment from the Keller Williams agent ( a Comment Spammer)  on my Delaware County real estate site too:

Columbus Keller Williams agent spam on Delaware County, Ohio real estate site

That site did not publish the comment urging buyers to contact the Keller Williams agent to help you find a home in Columbus,  Ohio.  The link in the comment that triggered the spam filter was again a link saying “Columbus Ohio Real Estate” linking to a Keller William agent’s website.

The Columbus Ohio Real Estate is a link to a Keller Williams agent’s site.

The spam filter on my Delaware County, Ohio real estate blog must be set up different.  The spam filter caught the dirty scoundrel, I mean the Keller Williams comment spammer in the spam filter (see the comment says “pending”)  It was not published.   The spam filter saw the comment for what it is.  Comment spam.

Comment Spamming is not all it’s Cracked up to be:

Searching for the agent by his name and Columbus, Ohio real estate … (this site) comes up …. so does an ad for Fischer Homes.  Is he affiliated with Fischer Homes too?

Google search Keller Williams agent

Your comment spam made my site come up for your name and Columbus real estate. Searching for the agent with his name and Keller Williams some innocents elsewhere with the same first name come  up in Google.    Here’s a hint though for anyone thinking going around planting spam on local sites is the way to increase your search engine optimization… No one is going to be looking for your name.

 Comment spam looking for Joshua Brooker Keller Williams

Does comment spamming backfire if someone looking for your name ends up on the site you comment spammed?  See the second listing there?  His name, his brokerage brought up my site.

Searching for the team leaders name…  I did NOT search.

He’s comment spammed a real estate network as well.  He was busy on June 7, 2012.  They have NOT spammed the comment.  Yet.

Joshua Brooker on Network

Keller Williams on the cutting edge…

Is this what local  Keller Williams franchises  teach agents to do to increase their search engine optimization?   I don’t think it does.  I know Keller Williams agents in other parts of the country who handle social media very well.

I skipped the HER Realtors class on SEO (search engine optimization)  in April or  May of 2013, but I sure hope they were teaching something other than comment spamming.  Commenting gives a great link to your website but

When you are told in classes about social media/ search engine optimization / how to use blogs to leave comments, they are NOT instructing you to become a comment spammer.

An “HER Real Living” staff member comment spamming

It’s not the first time I have found brokerage / agent comment spam on  It’s not the worst time I have found local brokerage / real estate agent comment spam on  I believe the worst time was  back in 2007….  an HER Real Living staff member who became the  manager of the HER New Homes Division, a woman left comment spam on a post here, looking for business.    She later became an agent with HER rather than management or staff.  She is with Re/Max now I believe…   HER Real Living or Real Living HER became HER Realtors again in 2012 but that’s another story.

That was 2007 though… perhaps it was an innocent mistake?

The Keller Williams agent’s comment was  is 2013.

Where do I know this Keller Williams agent from…

I don’t know the fella who left the comment spam.  It seems he is on a team.  I don’t know that team leader.  Someday I will run into this agent or the team leader (site is in the team leader’s name)  and think… hmmmm

… where do I know this agent from?

  • Do I know this Keller Williams agent from a committee at the  Columbus Board of REALTORS?
  • Did I show one of the Keller Williams agent’s listings?
  • Oh, that’s right this is that Keller Williams agent!


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