Columbus Real Estate Open Houses

by Maureen McCabe on July 7, 2007

Some parts of the country “they say” open houses are a waste of time. Some places real estate open houses must be down right dangerous…. A real estate agent blogger friend recently wrote about using open houses to market a listing:

“Conduct open houses? Maybe if you want to waste your time with tire kickers, unqualified buyers, nosy neighbors, and dangerous criminals.”

Wow I know you have to be careful in this business but dangerous criminals? We will leave her and her market anonymous.

In Central Ohio… my experience has been open houses on many homes help sell the house.
What’s wrong with having your home on the Best Open House list in Columbus for five or six days before the open house? What’s wrong with having a scheduled time when 4 to 10 couples visit your home within a scheduled two hour period? More than 10 couples if your house is in Upper Arlington, Grandview, parts of Worthington or Clintonville.

I held a listing open last Sunday, Tuesday we got the offer from buyers who attended the Sunday open house, the home inspection was on Friday. The house has been on the market awhile, we’ve had a lot of open houses… I think it was worth the time.

A Columbus Dispatch column by Lee Stratton ‘ Open Season’ from earlier this year, yes there are risks. Reprinted in the Columbus Board of REALTORS® In Contract Magazine

Lock up or remove guns, drugs and jewels. Years ago I had a “panty bandit” steal lingerie during an open house. Criminal, yes! Dangerous?

Showing and Open House Advice from Real Liviing

I’ll spend many a Sunday with tire kickers, nosey neighbors and a few good buyers if that’s what it takes. If your real estate agent doesn’t want to do open houses call me when your listing expires.

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