Columbus Real Estate: Making a List and Checking it Twice…

by Maureen McCabe on November 2, 2012

HER Realtors logo on Pinterest looks good with Christmas

Making a list and checking it twice. 

Santa’s List?  No

My Christmas shopping? No   

Columbus real estate   -  It’s November 2012 and I am busy changing the name of the company I work for from Real Living HER to HER Realtors on real estate profiles.  Why?  HER Realtors logo Ehremagard Columbus Real Estate News 2012.  Sooner or later the “Real Livings” will have to go…. but be changed to what?  Will  HER go back to the old logo?  Or will HER do a new logo?

The Real Living HER logos will be on my company website… for a while

Real estate searches will go to the Real Living website, for now

Real Living will be there in links for a while.   I do not use my Real Living email. I have access to the email but I seldom send from it.  No disruption for me there!

I need a check list.  Ch-ch-changes happen


  • profile
  • sidebar
  • footer  here!

Columbus Ohio Real Estate

Delaware County Ohio Homes

Facebook and Facebook pages*


Google+ business page


Twitter x 3 or x 4? it may be x 5…

  • MoInColumbusOH
  • DiscoColumbus
  • Worthington News

Worthington Real Estate

Then there’s my page, my Social Bios page… profiles on, Zillow and Trulia… the list goes on and on.   And if the logo changes again I may have to change it again.  That’s life.

* None of my Facebook  business pages had Real Living in the name…. I am an administrator on two real estate business pages that have the word Real Living in the page name, the Real Living HER Lewis Center fb business page, and the New England Homes – Real Living HER page… we will see if those can be changed.  NOTE Facebook business page names  can only be changed once.  Whatever business you are in, if you have your company name in the name of a Facebook page, think about changing the name to NOT include the business name.  What if you change companies? What if there is a merger?  Change happens. If you get a lot of Likes on a page, you sure don’t want to have to start over.

It is much easier to change a logo online than on buildings, signs… I love the red walls with the Real Living HER logo in many of the HER offices.

The logo we used from 2009 to 2012 is Real Living in the big circle, HER in the small circle.  Sometime before that there is a logo with HER in a big circle and Real Living in a small circle. Or bubble.   The big HER circle small Real Living circle sign is in front of  some of the HER offices.

The image at the top is an  HER Realtors logo…  on Pinterest. It looks darn cute with all the Christmas pins doesn’t it?  I was using Picmonkey to resize the logo I found on the business page (rdesk… the Real Living dashboard… more ch ch changes coming.)   Picmonkey has a share..  I bet the Pinterest link goes to Picmonkey… cheeky monkeys.

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