Columbus Neighborhoods Including Grandview Heights

by Maureen McCabe on May 15, 2010

I wrote “Columbus Neighborhoods Including Grandview Heights”  waaaay back in April 2007 and never published it.  Does Trulia still use “Heat Maps” ?   I will have to look at Trulia.    #20 #19  of  ’365Places to Live in Columbus’ is Grandview Heights, the city, with it’s own school district.

I know in 2007 I was confused by how Trulia and Zillow classified neighborhoods,  sometimes calling cities neighborhoods based on ZIP codes.  Some times seeming to make up names for neighborhoods.   There are areas around the city of Grandview  Heights that we refer to as Grandview.  I believe I was confused if they were referring to this area or to the actual city of Grandview Heights.   Three years later?  I believe it is just a ZIP code thing…

Here unchanged written in 2007:

The list of Columbus neighborhoods from the Trulia Heat Map… One of these things is not like the other… Isn’t that from Sesame Street?

Which one is not like the others?

Uptown District, Victorian Village, German Village, Downtown Columbus, River South District, Arena District, Italian Village, Short North, Clintonville, Harrison West, Grandview Heights,
University District, Near East, Franklinton, Southwest, Northeast, Westland, Hilltop, North Central, North Linden, Driving Park, South Linden and Milo-Grogan.

The answer is Grandview Heights, boys and girls.

Grandview Heights is not a city of Columbus neighborhood. There are lots of city of Columbus neighborhoods that are not represented here (because they are in districts other than the City of Columbus School District?) but Grandview Heights is a city, like Upper Arlington, Worthington, Dublin, Westerville.

Grandview Heights has a separate school district.

Funny list of neighborhoods now that I look at it. Uptown District would be where?
I know where Victorian Village is … German Village, Downtown Columbus, River South (is there residential in River South? condos? ..Arena (condos?) Italian Village, Short North, Clintonville, Harrison West, University District, Near East, Franklinton, Westland, Hilltop, North Linden, South Linden, Milo-Grogan

North Central? Southwest and Northeast are also ambiguoous to me.

What they are referring to as Grandview Height must be the Grandveiw Area rather than the municipality… of Grandview… nope it is including City of Grandview Heights listings

What does Trulia say of Grandview Heights ?

Lots of activity and consumer interest compared to other Columbus neighborhoods.”

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