Columbus Needs a Foreclosure Cost Calculator

by Maureen McCabe on February 22, 2012

Some cool Columbus home builder needs to come up with a Foreclosure Cost Calculator for Columbus.

Fulton Homes, an Arizona Home Builder’s, “calculator” tells consumers the true cost of a foreclosure home.  The Foreclosure Cost Calculator is fun to play with… is the foreclosure home going to need new carpet?  new appliances?  The Foreclosure Calculator  then shows consumers the Fulton Homes inventory available at that same “true cost” of the foreclosure home. It includes “mold remediation” and other costs related to foreclosures too.  Genius?

Foreclosure Calculator

How much is it going to cost to get that mold under control in that foreclosure?  Does the foreclosure need new HVAC?  Calculate those hidden costs!

I heard about the cool builder’s tool on a site for the real estate industry,   Agent Genius, AG Beat post by Tara Steele.  Builders Reveal Hidden Cost of Foreclosed Homes

Can the AZ builder’s foreclosure cost calculator tell Columbus home buyers anything?  Probably not.   Building costs vary by market.  I believe Arizona has waaaaaaaaay more foreclosures on the market than we do.

The Foreclosure Cost Calculator is still a cool  tool to play with.   A  Columbus home builder  MI Homes or Dominion should do  a Columbus Foreclosure Cost Calculator.  Or the Real Living HER New Homes Portal should have a cool tool like this.  Just thinking.

Or maybe not.  Maybe we just don’t have the inventory of foreclosures in central Ohio for an online tool like a  “foreclosure cost calculator ” to work for a new home builder.   That’s good,  right?

What a tool!  



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