Columbus is the glass half full?

by Maureen McCabe on June 1, 2008

glass of milkor is the glass half empty… or worse?

Sorry to use such a trite, yet catchy phrase… I meant to use a photo of a glass of water but all I had here was milk…

What is the reality of real estate in Central Ohio?

The Columbus Board of Realtors has a program called The Grass is Greener Here. That “Here” being Columbus Ohio.

The url is

The Columbus Dispatch has a three part series about mortgages, Central Ohio home values called “BORROWED TIME A Dispatch Investigation” includes today’s front page story “Mortgage Meltdown” and more… including “suburbs share in suffering” and even more online…

Is “The Grass is Greener Here” just local “Realtor rah rah?”

“In 2007 alone, more than 24,000 homes sold in central Ohio.”


“Affordable. Stable. Available.”

Is “MORTGAGE MELTDOWN” just the kind of bad news that sells papers (I’m not saying it is NOT true… )?

“Think you’re unaffected? Think again”

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