Columbus Dispatch "beware of sliding prices"?

by Maureen McCabe on July 31, 2007

Columbus is on “Low Risk List” for falling prices according to a study done by PMI but the Columbus Dispatch says prices are sliding in some areas?   

 Help I am thinking of Wal-Mart commercials, though, some local neighborhoods prices are “sliding.”  … some popular Central Ohio suburbs may have sliding prices?  What are sliding prices? The ”sliding” is  happening in Clintonville, Upper Arlington and Powell according to the Columbus Dispatch article. 

Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch Article about Central Ohio’s  low risk for falling prices on houses - July 29, 2007 


Titled “Housing market seen as stable”  the article is subtitled “Central Ohio’s history makes huge price drop unlikely, analysts say”

Bill Evans president of Real Living HER is quoted in the Columbus Dispatch article.

“All these years, we’ve had fairly steady growth but not West Coast- or East Coast-style gains,” said Bill Evans, president of HER Real Living.

“When we have less-than-desirable economic times, Ohio’s housing market doesn’t suffer as badly,” Evans said.

Home prices are also expected to “slowly begin to rise in the next 12 to 18 months,” Evans said.

This is I believe the same PMI study as  Columbus Makes National Top Ten List on June 23, 2007  here on this lowly little blog…

There is a confusing paragraph after a quote from Don Haurin, housing expert and economics professor at Ohio State University in the Columbus Dispatch article.  Haurin is quoted:

“House prices in central Ohio have been among the most stable in the U.S., tending to rise at about the rate of inflation.”

The confusing paragraph says:

Even so, all neighborhoods are not equal. Some pockets of central Ohio, such as Clintonville, Upper Arlington and Powell, saw swift price increases during the earlier part of this decade and have since watched prices slide.

What does “prices slide” mean?  Whose information is that? There is no quotation marks.  Is that from Don Haurin or from the Columbus Dispatch reporter, Denise Trowbridges opinion based on something Haurin said about Clintonville, Upper Arlington and Powell?  

Does “prices slide” means:

Prices have not continued to increase at the rate they had previously?

Price decrease are at a greater rate than the rest of the local market?


Something else?  

Should home owners in Clintonville, Upper Arlington and Powell  be concerned? 

Stay tuned… if you don’t like reading about real estate, take a few days break… visit some other Columbus blogs… there’s some good ones in my my blogroll.  

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