Columbus Citywide House Hop

by Maureen McCabe on November 9, 2008

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Today is the Citywide Housing Hop for Real Living HER. The city in “Citywide” being the city of Columbus… or the greater Columbus area. Or Central Ohio in general actually.

Open Houses throughout Central Ohio – 537

How do you saved $10K? Who is able to save $10K?

Answers on the Real Living HER website

This is the second Citywide Housing Hop for Real Living. If you want to know more about neighborhoods in the City of Columbus and it’s suburbs here are some videos to

WATCH videos about Worthington, Dublin, Hilliard, New Albany, Powell, Clintonville and more. All brought to you by Real Living HER right here on

Here’s one about Grandview Heights and more… the and more is the OSU area and Clintonville.

See you at the hop?

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