Central Ohio Rotten Neighbors?

by Maureen McCabe on September 4, 2007

monopoly game piecesThere is a new website, Rotten Neighbor (singular.)  Or it looks new.  I understand it was on the Today Show etc.  recently. 

People can anonymously (or I guess non anonymously if they want to as a few are signed) rant about their “Rotten Neighbor.”  It’s not necessarily about the real estate, it about the people. 

There’s only a few things about neighbors (people)  in Central Ohio… a couple of vulgarities.  An itty-bitty touch o’ hate speech, racism and innuendo about a “neighbor.” 

Win, Win?  The owners of the Rotten Neighbors  site make money on the Google Ads (sponsored ads, pay per click ) on their site.  The participants get to work off some bitterness, negativity, jealousy, hate  about the neighbor…

Buyers can make their choices based on the people in the area rather than the real estate?  

When you go to sell your house will it help, if all the neighborhood spats are open to read about?  If your neighbors are the Hatfields and McCoys you may have to disclose that already (contact a real estate attorney for guidance)  but what if you have an eccentric neighbor… can’t tell from the curb,  mind their own business…  but the buyers read all about the fact that the neighbors only come out after dark, have pasty skin and are known as vampires by the neighborhood kids.    

These are not in  Central Ohio:  

“Dog owners of the east side beware, this woman has put moth balls on her lawn to keep the dogs off her 6 by 2 stretch of grass. Who knows what else she will do or has done!”

I’ve heard about doing the mothball thing for bunnies, to keep bunnies from eating gardens and flowers.  I would think a home owner could do that on their property. 

This state must not have a “Megan’s Law”  to protect the citizens, so this person wanted to share this via Rotten Neighbor.   There was an address in this one (I removed it.) It was a street I walked down to get to school from kindergarten through sixth grade:

“xxxx xxxxx xxxxx, waukesha SEXUAL VIOLENT OFFENDER”

Below can be frustrating for the neighbors can’t it?

“Messy Yard

“Never cut their grass. Junk all over the front yard. It is an eye sore. Have complained to home owners association but nothing seems to get accomplished.”

 Another, this is about the person, not about the real estate.

“Just Plain Nasty

It was was signed “Captain Slapahoe”I decided after publishing this that I just did not need that on here so I removed it.  The neighbor “Captain Slapahoe” describes (not his neighbor but a friend’s neighbor) sounds like a drunk.  Find a neighborhood without one?

Here’s another with an address and it’s signed.  She must really hate the look of this house but at least it is the house and not the people that she is describing. I took out her name.

“House ugly?

5630 North 67th Street. Do drive-by this one. House painted eye-blowing bright blue. Owner collects junk cars and other junk, parks semi cab on his single car drive-way, had 5 huge dogs…out 24/7. Look and see the fence on owners double lot that he constructed out of used grocery pellets… also pained very ugly blue. This passes Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Service inspections and city ordinances? Ha-Ha-Ha. This owner has trashed neighborhood property values. I think city tax rebates are in order to the poor neighbors forced to look at this incrediable house daily.”

Those were Milwaukee area.

The bottom of the screen says: 

“Milwaukee real estate — use RottenNeighbor to find real estate, houses, homes, condominiums, and apartments in Milwaukee. RottenNeighbor provides comprehensive real estate maps with up-to-date information about Bad Neighbors, latest Milwaukee neighbor trends, and neighborhood information. Before buying a house, home, condominium, or renting an apartment in Milwaukee, research real estate on RottenNeighbor. Understanding the Milwaukee real estate market is your first step to buying a home in Milwaukee. Our real estate search engine gives you a valuable overview of the Milwaukee real estate market with detailed descriptions of bad neighbors. Find Milwaukee neighbors and general demographic information for Milwaukee. RottenNeighbor’s real estate guide combines a Milwaukee map with a detailed list of Milwaukee neighbors, ZIP codes, and nearby cities to help jump-start your search for a home in Milwaukee. ”

I wonder if Rotten Neighbor is  subject to fair housing laws.  I would believe if they are selling real estate they are.  Rotten Neighbor is kinda sorta like the Jerry Springer Show of real estate.  Thanks to Chris Elizabeth Griffith a real estate agent in Bonita Springs Florida for the heads up about ‘Rotten Neighbor.’

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September 6, 2007 at 12:53 pm


1 Chris Griffith September 4, 2007 at 02:36 pm

It’s important to note that if you’re squabbling with your neighbors you might just want to make sure that YOU aren’t the Rotten Neighbor! :)

I am relieved, of course, that I wasn’t a red peg on the map.

2 MaureenMcCabe September 4, 2007 at 03:14 pm

Thanks for the comment Chris. You could never be a red peg.

I think if you are the red peg, your neighbors should help you get your house sold, if your house is for sale.

It is if your neighbor across the street is squabbling wth the neighor on your east that I am concerned with.

3 Bye Neighbors October 8, 2007 at 11:32 am

If I had rotten neighbors like these. Link removed I’d surely add them into the site…these people are a nuisance

Edit *There is profanity in the video. Proceed with caution. I edited the comment with a warning “Do not click on the video if an f bomb will offend you.” but then watched more of the YouTube video and removed the two links ‘Bye Neighbors’ included

Visit you tube and search for “Two crazy neighbors quarelling” if you are interested in the video. It has nothing to do with Columbus Ohio and after watching more than the first few seconds I decided to remove the link. I agree they are not good neighbors. Not something I want on my website either.

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