Central Ohio real estate news

by Maureen McCabe on July 12, 2010

Central Ohio real estate news… Columbus real estate news… Graybill – Smith was a working title for the newest real estate company in Central Ohio.  They’ve joined Prudential.  Prudential Metrix is the newest Central Ohio brokerage.

June Zepp with Real Living Mortgage was the first one who told me that…  June told me that a week ago?  Maybe longer.

Talking with people who work in my office, a friend mentioned she saw my poll.   Have you seen my poll on ‘Columbus real estate a piece of the pie’ link below if you are on ColumbusBestBlog.com   Another agent asked

“Why?”   “Why would you blog about that?”

Why wouldn’t I blog about that?  Was it a secret?  Is there some real estate rule about not talking about other real estate companies?  I think we were probably “talking about Columbus newest real estate company”   when a friend mentioned that she saw my poll…

I think Prudential Metrix is a great name for a real estate company in 2010.  Hope it’s OK to say so on a blog.  Spell Check does not like “Metrix” but I think that is really a good thing.

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