Central Ohio Home Sales by School District

by Maureen McCabe on February 3, 2008

For January 2008…. home sales in some* Central Ohio school districts.


Many real estate agents around the country talk about “absorption rate.” It is the same thing as how many months of inventory there is on a TrendGraphix market report (posted to Discover Columbus monthly.)

Six months of inventory is a normal, less than six months is a sellers market, more than six months is a buyers market. Most of Central Ohio is a buyers market.


Absorption rate is the number of months it will take for the market to absorb the inventory on hand at the current rate of sales. Some agents do absorption rate by weeks… months works for Central Ohio.

January 2008 Absorption Rate by Schools

Big Walnut – absorption rate 32.25 months


Active – 129 Properties Found
Sold – 4 Properties Found
Average sale price $278,225


Buckeye Valley absorption rate 20.2 months


Active – 121 Properties Found
Sold – 6 Properties Found
Average sale price $266,500



Columbus absorption rate 14.1 months


Active -3465 Properties Found
Sold – 245 Properties Found
Average sale price $96,810




Dublin absorption rate 16.6 months


Active – 365 Properties Found
Sold – 22 Properties Found
Average sale price $354,056


Gahanna Jefferson absorption rate 16.6 months


Active – 300 Properties Found
Sold – 18 Properties Found
Average sale price $245,630


Grandview absorption rate 4 months


Active – 16 Properties Found
Sold – 4 Properties Found
Average sale price $281,000

Hilliard absorption rate 11.5 months



Active – 448 Properties Found
Sold – 39 Properties Found
Average sale price $202,361

Olentangy absorption rate 18.7 months


Active – 749 Properties Found
Sold – 40 Properties Found
Average sale price $327,440


Plain Local ( New Albany) absorption rate 18.1 months


Active – 254 Properties Found
Sold – 14 Properties Found
Average sale $373,605


Upper Arlington
absorption rate 11.5 months


Active – 195 Properties Found
Sold – 17 Properties Found
Average sale $308,205


Westerville absorption rate 9.8 months


Active – 518 Properties Found
Sold – 53 Properties Found
Average sale $201,306


Worthington absorption rate 7.7 months


Active – 223 Properties Found
Sold – 29 Properties Found
Average sale $241,929



Sales by County (all school districts)

Delaware absorption rate 17.3 months
Active – 1523 Properties Found
Sold – 88 Properties Found
Average sale $283,511


Franklin absorption rate 13.2 months
Active – 7329 Properties Found
Sold – 554 Properties Found
Average sale $158,072


All over Central Ohio (all school districts, all counties)
absorption rate 14.5 months


Active – 13181 Properties Found
Sold – 912 Properties Found
Average sale $160,716


Range to $3,500 to $2,750,000


One problem with TrendGraphix (used to create market reports on Discover Columbus) is it pulls the data by MLS area. Some MLS areas make sense, for example Worthington, the area it pulls is just the city of Worthington and the village of Riverlea. The problem is there are a lot of Worthington area homes, in the Worthington School District that are in the City of Columbus or Perry or Sharon Townships. With TrendGraphix there is no way to search and pull up graphs by school district.

Above is strictly properties listed in the Columbus Board of Realtors as single family homes.

Many but not all people look for a particular school district because it meets their families needs or they currently live in the district and just need a bigger home. What school districts are above*? Mainly those in the area of the north outer-belt… where I work. I work out of the Worthington area. City of Columbus school district, I work in the Clintonville area, the northeast and northwest parts of that school district. The Columbus numbers reflect the entire school district not just the north side.


Average Prices

Average prices don’t tell the whole story either, for example the prices for homes sold in the Buckeye Vally School range from $114,000 to $420,000. The price range of homes sold in the Columbus School District in January 2008 goes up to a $625,000 sold price.

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