Beyond the Call of Doody

by Maureen McCabe on October 9, 2007

spring cleaningInman blog has an entry about agents taking on extra duties to get a house sold in this market.   That’s a lot of Hats  

“There are examples of agents asked to pick up doggy doo, remove goldfish from an indoor tank, pet-sit a pair of rats, scrub floors, vacuum flies, and retrieve a set of false teeth, among other requests. (Disclaimer: The agents complied with most — but not all — of the request listed here.)”

I don’t do poo.  I don’t do windows either…

I drove two dogs around in a snow storm for a couple of hours while a buyers agent from Marysville got lost and kept pushing the appointment back.    

I washed the worlds dirtiest kitchen floor…  The sellers had moved out of state. It had been on the market for months with another broker. 

In the Gofer Broker, The Wall Street Journal Online says this is the effect of Zillow and Trulia?  Do you think?

“ The need to please is part of a larger diminution of the agent’s role in the age of Zillow, Trulia and other online real-estate research sites. In the past, agents controlled what houses buyers saw and provided data to sellers about local markets. ”

Driving the dogs around was about three years ago.  The kitchen floor was in 1990. The agent should not have to drive the dogs around, wash floors, clean gold fish tank… that’s all the sellers responsibility.  Zillow and Trulia weren’t yet around.  

Ready to make a move?

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