BEST Way to Search for a Columbus Home

by Maureen McCabe on May 8, 2012

What is the BEST way to search for a home in Columbus… for you?  Do you Google (or use another search engine) or do you go to a real estate site?

Let’s say you were searching for a home in the Oak Creek subdivision in Lewis Center:

Oak Creek Lewis Center Home Search


Do you search for homes the same way you search for electronics, videos,  news, books,  restaurants, recipes.  Do you  “Google it?”

search for Golf Village homes for sale

Looking at what the search engine returns for your search and then click on the top search result, or the second search result or another search result on the first page that for some reason tickles your fancy:

Golf Village Homes for sale

Are you loyal to one  real estate site?  Do you just love


Zillow home search
or Trulia

Trulia home search
or ?


Or is there a real estate brokerage / agent search that you use, loyally.   All lumped together for the purpose of this poll.

The poll  say’s it is for home buyer’s but really it is for people who are not real estate agents (or employees of Zillow, Trulia, or a real estate insider.) This polls is just for a person who wants to know something about a house they drive by  or want some details on the neighbors house where a sign just popped up or if you  want to see what you can buy in Lewis Center or Powell, or Westerville.

If you want to know how much a a house in Oak Creek in Lewis Center  costs do you search:

Oak Creek Lewis Center home search  on Google

Or do you have a specific site bookmarked or otherwise saved?

It’s a poll:

Thanks for your input!

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