Auld Lang Syne – Real Living HER

by Maureen McCabe on November 30, 2010

For Auld Lang Syne…  tomorrow December 1, 2010 things change for Real Living.  My website which is just a page on the Real Living HER website changes from

to something else…

There may be a few rocky days on my site, the Real Living HER site and  the Real Living site as there always are with changes.  I am nolstalgic about the old logos and old web sites that the company as HER Realtors, HER Real Living and Real Living HER has had over the years.

Auld Lang Syne means “the old times

Our individual agent websites are long overdue for an overhaul.  We could change the content and update the look and I have to say I did a lot of that before I discovered blogging in 2005.

The company site is more interesting than how my hair style has changed or not changed over the years. The company website, the site for HER Realtors has morphed a lot over the years.  Although it has gaps the Wayback Machine is a good place to see how things have changed from the first web presence of HER Realtors in 1995.

HER Realtors in 2001

HER Realtors 2001

HER Real Living in 2004

HER Real Living 2004

Real Living HER in 2006 I believe…

HER Real Living 2006

The name became Real Living HER in 2007, I think.  The logo changing from a big HER to a small HER and a big Real Living.  You can still call us HER Realtors.  It was a good name.

HER Realtors in 1995

HER Realtors 1995

just a short time later…

HER. It;s What Home Means.

the Enter is not linked now…

Real Living HER December 2010 and beyond?  Keep watching.  It will keep morphing ahead of much of the real estate industry, ahead of other Central Ohio real estate companies.

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